About TDCC

As the merger of two organizations (TSCD & DIDC), it is now recognized as the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC).

Original TSCD (Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd.) was established in October 1989 in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act. Major operations of TSCD included: 1.) to provide book-entry of securities transactions; 2.) clearing and settlement of securities traded on TSEC and GTSM exchange; 3.) clearing and settlement for both cash and securities among Emerging Stocks; 4) computer process handling for the clearing of futures market; 5.) registration of securities issuing in dematerialized form; 6.) computer process of book-entry for participants. Entrusted by Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), TSCD also conducts the auditing of shareholders affairs for issuing companies.

In order to promote dematerialization and a central clearing-settlement system for short-term bills, DIDC (Debt Instruments Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Taiwan) started the preparatory operation since April 2004. It has introduced not only a central depository service but also a Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) mechanism by linking the Inter-bank Fund Transfer System of the Central Bank of China. The Debt Instruments Depository and Clearing System was set up to improve the efficiency and security of bills back-office operation and furthermore to develop a safe and sound money market.

With the growth of cross-industry operations in Taiwan’s financial sector, there has been a steady increase in the volume of securities, bond and bill transactions handled by both securities firms and bill dealers. In July 2005, in order to ensure a higher level of convenience for market participants, avoid duplication of investment and keep up with the trend towards back-office integration among the world’s leading stock markets, FSC decided that DIDC should be merged into TSCD. It was anticipated that the integration of settlement, clearing and central depository platforms would help to reduce investment costs, improve operational performance, expand service scope and stimulate market development through the creation of synergy. Therefore it is now renamed as “TDCC” after the action of merger completed in March 2006.

In addition, in coordination with the competent authority’s promotion of its strategy for creating a "Corporate Governance Roadmap", TDCC has been developing the electronic voting system for general meetings. In order to satisfy the need for integrating market platforms, TDCC completed a merger with Taiwan Integrated Shareholder Service Company (TISSC) on March 24, 2014. TISSC’s Shareholders Meeting Electronic Voting Platform, after the merger, was replaced by TDCC's Stockvote platform as the single contact point in the market. Integration of the two platforms will not only save on operating costs for issuing companies, but also make foreign and domestic investors to exercise their shareholders’ rights more efficiently.

In line with the government's policy of internationalization and liberalization of the securities market, TDCC will continue to extend service areas of the securities markets, to protect investors' rights and to reduce the risks for securities firms, and with the aim of making Taiwan's stock market significantly efficient.

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