Preferential Deal for Taiwan Stock Funds Went Online

Selected Taiwan Stock Funds, a cooperative and preferential project of Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association of the R.O.C (SITCA), TDCC, Securities and Futures Institute, FundRich, and other 27 asset management companies, went online on 20th September, 2017, through the online fund transaction platform of FundRich. SITCA stated that all involved institutes expect that through the 90% discount on sales load as well as a monthly minimum of NTD$1000 for systematic investment plan, which includes relatively lower investment threshold and costs. More investors, especially younger ones, can start investing in their future.

Selected Taiwan Stock Funds started from September 20 to December 31. A wide range of 43 Taiwan stock funds carefully selected by institutes, specialists, and brokers will allow investors to easily invest in their own future by means of a mere monthly minimum of NTD$1000 for systematic investment plan and the extremely low 90% off sales load.