Statement for Passing DNV GL Inspection on TDCC's Corporate Social Responsibility Report

TDCC held the issue ceremony of “Statement for Passing DNV GL Inspection on TDCC’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report” on June 11. The certificate was issued by General Manager of Taiwan District Zhen-Wei, Xie of DNV GL, affirming that TDCC’s 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report conformed to Protocol and AA1000 and making it the first CSR report among Taiwanese securities and futures peripheral organizations to reach international standard.

Chairman and CEO of TDCC, Sherman Lin, stated that carrying out corporate social responsibilities is the universal value as well as the policy long promoted by authorities. Under the supervision of the authorities, TDCC has held on to the goal of market sustainability and the vision of “Take from society, give back to society,” actively joining in social charity events and promoting financial knowledge education and environmental protection. In recent years, TDCC has been active in digital transformation, incorporating innovation into platform services, such as TDCC ePassbook, Stockvote, and FundRich Securities, showing compelling examples of perfecting capital market through financial technology. To closely combine business, operation strategy, and CSR, and to give authorities, shareholders, and participants better understanding of TDCC’s vision on sustainability, TDCC has been actively introducing CSR report into project planning since the end of 2017.

In addition to hiring Ernst & Young as consulting agency, meanwhile, TDCC has set up CSR committee, designating President, Mr. Ching-li, Meng as commissioner, establishing “corporate governance section” and the other six sections concerned. Through Ernest & Young’s training, consultation, and systematic methodology, TDCC completed identifying all potential stakeholders, responding to sustainable issues that stakeholders focus on, collecting each category of CSR information and reviewing each CSR performance indicator. Through CSR, the company hopes to present the response and action to major issues that stakeholders focus on, maintain social environment and stakeholders’ rights, set long-term strategy on a microscale, and put sustainability into practice.

Chairman and CEO, Sherman Lin added that based on its original business, TDCC had made connection to United Nations’ SDGs and achieved 13 goals out of the total 17 ones of SDGs. The CSR report issued this time includes six major aspects: “sustainability and operation strategy,” “major issue analysis and stakeholder communication,” “corporate governance,” “sustainable financial services,” “friendly workplace,” and “the social common good.” This report is also the first one among all the Taiwanese securities and futures peripheral organizations that passes international verification. After officially released on June 20, the report will be submitted to stakeholders such as authorities, shareholders, and participants. Also, CSR section will be added to TDCC website to share TDCC’s experiences and achievements in this regard. Besides, TDCC will publish English version in July and send it to authorities in Taiwan and other CSDs abroad as a meaningful achievement.

In the future, TDCC will not only keep carrying out corporate care and social responsibilities but also connect to SDGs for solid sustainability. The company aims to reach each target of SDGs for a better future.