Big Prizes for TDCC's E-voting Platform Users

April to June marks the peak season for shareholder meetings of TWSE- and TPEx-listed companies. In order to attract more natural person shareholders to use its e-voting system, TDCC launched a lucky draw program for the seventh consecutive year in 2018. TDCC aims to reduce its carbon footprint by promoting the use of TDCC e-Passbook, and therefore this year only investors accessing the e-voting platform via TDCC e-Passbook are eligible for the lucky draw. That is, people who are linked to the platform via the e-Stockvote software (PC and mobile versions alike) and brokerages’ order placement applications will not be able to participate in the lucky draw. Investors who do not have a TDCC e-Passbook should apply through their brokerages. This year, TDCC offers almost 28,000 prizes worth NT$3.5million in total. The biggest prize is NT$50,000 worth of postal gift coupons. For more information about the lucky draw, go to the website

Investors can now access the e-voting platform through TDCC e-Passbook, e-Stockvote software (both PC and mobile versions) and the order placement apps provided by their brokerages to cast ballots electronically. Investors are advised not to leave their personal information and computer certificates to others to avoid personal information leakage and identity fraud.

Last year, 49.4% of investors cast ballots on the e-voting platform, indicating investors are eager to exercise their rights through e-voting. This is a good demonstration of shareholder activism, which will push companies to improve their corporate governance. The TDCC e-Passbook is easy to apply—investors only need to contact the broker they are trading with. The e-Passbook not only allows investors to vote online, but also provides instantaneous market information and shareholder notifications, so that investors are always in the loop. Also, it is the only way investors can participate in TDCC’s lucky draw this year. So get your e-Passbook, vote online and win awesome prizes.