Speed Skating to the World, TDCC Sponsors Tainan Dawan Primary School Speed Skating Team

With the advantages of competing at home, young Taiwanese athletes scored the unprecedented number of medals in the 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei, Taiwan, 2017. Their solid determinations and boundless potentials were all clearly presented.

TDCC, a long time supporter for the athletic activities in Taiwan, has always been proactively proponent in cultivating young talents. Witnessed by Tainan Mayor Mr. Li Men-Yen, on October 12, 2017, Sherman Lin, Chairman and CEO of TDCC, provided DaWan Primary School(where the 5 golden medals winner Ms. Yong Ho-Jen graduated from) with the training expenses for their speed skating team, so that the young skaters are to quest for their dreams of being able to take on more challenges and compete in an international platform. The sponsorship was received by Mr. Ju Guo-Shen, principal, Dawan Primary School.

Mr. Lin further stated that TDCC has not only dedicated in promoting the market efficiency in Taiwan financial sector, but also long contributed in boosting social welfare and raising finance awareness. The corporate consciousness and responsibility should weigh equally as the corporate managing. From the FLY(Financial Literacy for Youth), Junior Finance Education programs, charitable fundraisers for the remote rural regions to being the enthusiast for the athletic events, TDCC is proudly being a part of those and will continuously take on an active role in hosting or participating various events in hopes that the positive influential energy can be spread thoroughly all over Taiwan.


Witnessed by Tainan Mayor Mr. Li Men-Yen(back, left 3), Mr. Sherman Lin(back, middile) provided DaWan Primary School with the training expenses for their speed skating team.