TDCC First Nominated and Wins 2018 CommonWealth Magazine’s CSR Award

The winners of 2018 CommonWealth CSR Award have been announced. Public issued companies with three years’ consecutive profits, the first 2,000 leading companies, local and international companies in Taiwan recommended by experts and scholars were all invited by CommonWealth Magazine to participate in the event; there were 180 companies meeting the qualifications and receiving assessment.

After issuing the first report passing international standards on corporate social responsibility among Taiwanese securities and futures peripheral organizations in June, TDCC won the CSR Medium-sized Enterprises Award after its first nomination. The award manifests the company’s long-term involvement in social charities, promotion of financial knowledge and environmental protection. In addition, the company has also realized corporate care concept and social responsibilities. It is a meaningful fact that TDCC has indeed earned overwhelming approval from professional judges.

CommonWealth CSR Award is one of the most representative CSR awards in Taiwan. In 2006, CommonWealth Magazine first promoted the concept of “Corporate Citizenship.” The magazine has conducted constant surveys of “benchmarking enterprise” and widespread coverage of CSR concept and events. In 2007, the magazine referred to international benchmarks and evaluation methods, took into account four aspects, including corporate governance, corporate commitment, social participation and environmental sustainability, and set up the CommonWealth CSR Award widely valued by corporations.

Chairman and CEO of TDCC, Sherman Lin said that TDCC set up CSR committee in 2017, and President, Mr. Ching-Li Meng was designated as the commissioner. The committee follows GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 version of core option disclosure. Through a series of training, interviews and systematic methodology, the committee has identified major stakeholders, addressed the sustainability issues that stakeholders focus on, collected CSR data and reviewed each CSR performance indicator to respond to major issues that stakeholders care about, and maintained social environment and stakeholders’ rights. Furthermore, the committee has linked TDCC to United Nations’ “Sustainable Development Goals” and achieved the corresponding 13 goals out of the 17 ones of SDGs.

Regarding corporate governance, TDCC has stipulated ethical management practice principles for directors and supervisors and honored the company’s promise of ethical management. To meet the needs of market development and business requirements, the company has set up “Risk Management Committee,” “Research Development and Rate Review Committee,” “Fund Market Research Development Advisory Committee.” Meanwhile, the company also values ethics, integrity, and anti-corruption, regulating employees’ ethics and integrity principles so as to establish an environment of high integrity and self-discipline.

As for corporate commitment, TDCC has carried out projects of top talent development and actively set up a workplace of gender equality and employee’s wellbeing. The company has also been engaged in eco-friendliness and created the environment of low carbon footprint and high efficiency through new initiatives such as TDCC ePassbook, fund registration in dematerialized forms, and e-voting platform for shareholder meetings. Besides, with changes in employee’s working habits, reuse of corporate assets and the choice of highly-efficient equipment, TDCC has gradually marched toward green operation. In the area of social participation, the company has incorporated fundamental business and financial education talents development, popularized financial education, supported athletes of schools in remote areas, and helped the underprivileged citizens; indeed, TDCC has been aggressively responding to and meeting the needs in society.

Winning of CommonWealth CSR Award, TDCC is the first company to receive this honor among all the others under the supervision of Financial Supervisory Commission. In the future, TDCC will keep carrying out corporate social care concepts and corporate social responsibilities, pursuing a better society and cherishing the vision of instilling positive, benevolent energy for creation of overall well-being.