Communication with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Identification and Ranking

TDCC emphasizes on stakeholders' interests, opinions and material issues of what their concern. We follow GRI Standards and AA 1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standards (SES) in building a materiality analysis model to understand the level of concern for each issue and their impact on TDCC operations. This is then used as a foundation for setting sustainable management goals.


Confirmation of Material Topics

Points in the upper right quadrant of the matrix are issues seen as material by those inside the company as well as stakeholders. Through systematic materiality analysis, stakeholders' sustainability issues are identified and used as a basis for information disclosure in reports. We continue to formulate management policies for material topics, disclose policies for specific issues in each chapter, review and track the results of each item as a foundation for long-term sustainable development.

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The relationship between each stakeholder and TDCC, meeting and communication channels, frequency, as well as key communication points for 2018 are as follows:

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