Happy Workplace

Human Resources

Talent Composition and Structure

TDCC and RichFund had a total of 559 regular employees, and no contract employees at the end of 2018. We primarily recruit local talents and we guarantee a job quota for the disabled based on legal requirements. Disabled employees are offered a certain level of support, achieving the workplace spirit of diversity and care for the disadvantaged.


Gender equality at the workplace has become a global and social issue that attracted wide attention in recent years, and it is also an issue of concern to us. TDCC proactively advocates the importance of gender equality in the internal organization. The recruitment and remuneration of both genders reflect that TDCC supports this issue through actions and keeps abreast with the gender equality requirements set out in the SDGs.


Labor-management Communication and Staff Complaints

TDCC value the employees' opinions and ideas. Through regular labor-management meetings, employee suggestions, interviews, we listen to their voice and see them as work partners even family members.

Between 2016 and 2018, there were no employee complaints, violations of any labor and human rights regulations, or penalties. We also keep track of employee work conditions, and continue to provide multiple communication channels.

Talent Development

With the rapid development of digital technology in finance, TDCC and FundRich continue to innovate in business operations. Talent training and education are also extremely important. We recruit and absorb top talents from every area, and strive for employee learning and improvement at the same time. By establishing ourselves in the current of digital finance, we provide brand new, creative and convenient services to the market and society.

Employee Training

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Employee Compensation and Benefits

To attract talents and retain top employees, a compensation system exceeding legal requirements and employee benefits are our basic commitment. TDCC treats employees as partners and family members, offering excellent salary conditions, diverse benefits, and a fully sustainable and inclusive care system. We ensure employees could balance life and work, enjoying each day at TDCC. We also hope to have an effect on society by promoting this spirit, and enhance workplace care and benefits overall.

Compensation Policy

To solidify the competitive advantage in top talents, we have set up fair and competitive salaries according to educational background in an open and transparent manner. Employees from different levels are not treated differently due to their genders, and a female-to-male salary ratio of 1:1 is the realization of workplace gender equality. In 2018, all employees had their salaries adjusted by 3% in line with government policy.

Workplace Review and Promotion

In order to implement review system and proper performance evaluation, increase employee business experience and broaden work horizon, regulations on review, promotion and rotation have been established.


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Safe Workplace

In order to ensure a friendly, safe, diverse, equal workplace environment, we comply with relevant laws and regulations on occupational safety and health in addition to promoting various workplace activities in these areas. Relevant education training, promotion activities, and appropriate incentives are set up so that our colleagues can enjoy a more comprehensive and sustainable workplace environment free of physical and mental distress.

Work Injuries


Labor Health, Occupational Safety and Health Management

Occupational Safety and Health Management: To use P-D-C-A management method to "standardize, document, and systematize" each safety and health item, fulfill safety and health management goals through a cycle of planning, executing, checking and improving. Through continuous auditing, issues are discovered and immediate corrective measures as well as preventive measures can be implemented in timely fashion. Occupational safety and health management is thereby improved, covering employees and preventing occupational hazards.

Safety and Health Self-Inspection: To find adverse safety and health factors in advancethrough regular and proactive inspection, attempt to eliminate or control them to prevent hazards, and protect employee safety and health.

Prevention of Human Factor Hazards: Preventive measures for employees engaged in repetitive operations, who might suffer from muscle and bone ailments due to excessive force exertion and high operation frequency.

Prevention of Diseases from AbnormalWork: Preventive measures for employees who work in rotation, night shifts, and long hours, who might suffer from diseases related to abnormal work load and pattern.

Prevention of Unlawful Abuse While on Duty: Preventive measures for on-duty employees against unlawful physical and psychological abuse from actions of others.

Maternal Labor Health Protection: To ensure physical and mental health of female employees after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. The Company has adopted risk assessment, control, and level management to safeguard the health of mother and child.

Workplace Equality

Besides fair compensation for both genders, we place even more emphasis on gender equality and mutual respect in the workplace. We have formulated the "Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention, Complaints and Disciplinary Measures." Sexual harassment complaint channels were established, for example: a dedicated hotline, fax number, and email. The relevant information is published in noticeable locations in the workplace. In addition, a Committee on Workplace Sexual Harassment Cases is formed by representatives from both the employers and employees to deal with these cases.