Friendly Workplace

Gender Equality and Employee Communication
  TDCC had a total of 508 regular employees and had no contracted employees at the end of 2017. We primarily recruit local employees and provide disabled people with certain job opportunities to carry out policy regarding diversified employee composition and support underprivileged groups with care. TDCC has 273 male employees, representing approximately 53.7% of the total employees, and has 235 female employees.

  Gender equality at the workplace has become a global and social issue that attracted wide attention in recent years, and it is also an issue of concern to us. TDCC proactively advocates the importance of gender equality in the internal organization. The recruitment and remuneration of both genders reflect that TDCC supports this issue through actions and keeps abreast with the gender equality requirements set out in the SDGs.


  TDCC strives to put plans into action. The above-mentioned actions taken by us reflect our efforts in achieving gender equality at the workplace. When recruiting, appointing, promoting and evaluating, TDCC never takes gender into consideration. TDCC protects working rights and equal rights of female employees through actions, aiming to promote industrial trend and make the society a better place.

  According to the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, while the total gender pay gap was approximately 14% in 2017, the ratio of the salaries between male and female employees in TDCC is 1:1. There was no gender pay gap of employees at each level. TDCC emphasizes equal pay for equal work at the workplace to materialize the notion of gender equality at the workplace.


Labor-management Communication and Staff Complaints


Compensation and Benefits
  Attractive salary level not only is an important factor to attract talent, but also reflects the fact that we treats employees as our precious asset. TDCC provides basic labor and health insurance based on the government policy and employees' needs. Through various benefits, TDCC is capable of creating comprehensive and sustainable talent retention and care system to evaluate viable benefits and proactively implement such system with a view to playing a leading role in achieving comprehensive improvement in social benefits.

  TDCC establishes the "Employee Welfare Committee" to take charge of the operation and supervision of employee benefits. Through effective management and execution by the committee, employees are able to obtain care and feedback directly from TDCC. TDCC regularly provides a portion of monthly revenues to increase employees’ benefits. Employee Welfare Committee convenes a meeting every three months to commence procedures in relation to employee welfare.


Parental Leave of Absence
5_2_2   Many employees find it difficult to strike a balance between childcare and work. With regard to this, we help and support employees through the mechanism regarding parental leave of absence in accordance with acts. In 2017, three employees applied for parental leave of absence and returned to work afterward with retention rate of 100%, which is the best evidence for the ideal workplace and benefits of us.  

Talent Development
  An ideal employee development and training plan not only attracts top-notch talent, but also enables us to achieve sustainable development in this fast-changing era of technology. In addition to recruiting top-notch and new talent, TDCC also creates diversified and forward-looking courses to motivate employees to carry out life-long learning, and develop varied competitiveness that keeps abreast with the trend. We hope to increase employees' skills through comprehensive training so that TDCC is able to provide the society with better, extensive and innovative services that benefit TDCC, employees and the society.

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Safe Workplace
5_4_1   We comply with relevant laws and regulations governing occupational safety and health, striving to establish a friendly, stable and safe workplace, systematically formulate relevant measures regarding occupational safety and promote future policies in order to subsequently take various actions, including arranging multiple health promoting activities, reaching the objective of zero occupational injury, providing educational training courses concerning occupational safety and health to encourage employees to pay attention to such issues with a view to create a more comprehensive and friendly workplace in the years to come.

Occupational Injury
There had been no occupational injury in 2017, and both the occupational injury and absentee rate were 0%. We continue to create a safe workplace and provides employees who work in shift and night shift with regular health checkups and health status tracking to look after employees' health.

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