Social Engagement

Cultivate Future Talent in the Financial Sector
  We continue to uphold the principle of "giving back to the society". During the course of business operation, TDCC hopes to give back to the society through our continuous efforts with the view to accomplishing our social mission and demonstrating our value. Through cultivating future talents in the financial sector, promoting education in rural areas and providing underprivileged groups with love and care, TDCC responds to the needs of the society in a proactive manner, hoping to take the lead in bringing kindness into the financial sector and the society. We invested a total of approximately NT$63.31 million in social engagement in 2017.


  TDCC is fully aware of the significant role of the finance and wealth management in narrowing the gap between rich and poor. On the other hand, talents have become a crucial factor in response to the international trend and market changes of digital finance. With regard to this, we invest in approximately NT$50 million every year in industry-academia internship program, education, innovation venture fund and financial literacy courses for youth with a view to cultivating comprehensive financial talents, while simultaneously achieving universalization of financial education for sound development of the market in the future.


  TDCC invited peripheral units of the financial, securities and futures sector to jointly arrange the "First Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) Courses in 2015". The program supports students from families in straitened circumstances, provides them with a series of financial professional course training and assists them in securing professional certificates so as to enhance their employment competitiveness. Upon accomplishing the relevant training, the program helps the students with job matching so as to support their family financially.


Promote Rural Education
  The urban-rural gap is one of the main factors behind economic and social issues of a country. Take Taiwan for example, the rural-urban gap in education has always been the most serious issue that requires attention. The United Nations also incorporated equal and quality education into the 17 SDGs. TDCC has continuously contributed to the education development of schools in rural areas across Taiwan.


Financial Life Education Program
  We commenced cooperation with the Financial Literacy & Education Association (FINLEA) in 2016 to establish the financial life education program. Students are capable of applying financial skills to solve problems by themselves and acquiring useful skills for lives. As the saying goes, "Give a man a Fish, you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". TDCC continues to promote the plan in 2017, including three activities of "financial management competition", "Little Bean's visit to school" and "young entrepreneur team", aiming to build values and responsibilities among elementary school students and enable students to achieve their goals by themselves.

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  TDCC works with the competent authority to urge the financial sector to engage in social welfare event and respond to the government in supporting sport events. Since 2014, TDCC has successively sponsored items for sport training and learning, including soccer, archery, badminton and inline speed skating in schools located in rural areas. TDCC hopes that the support in schools' development of sport enables students from disadvantaged families to have better opportunities to get access to equipment and participate in tournaments, making an effort in cultivating talent in the country and winning more medals in international competition and international recognition for Taiwan.


  The inline speed skating of Taiwan has always achieved excellent performance in international competitions such as world championship and Universiade. Inline speed skating is a thriving sport of Taiwan that has attracted global attention in international sport events. Since 2017, we have donated to the representative team of inline speed skating in Dawan Elementary School in Tainan City, as one of its outstanding alumni is the female inline speed skater Yang Ho-Chen in Universiade. TDCC also expected that the story of Yang Ho-Chen is able to motivate the youth in accomplishing excellent performance in international sport events.


  Since 2016, TDCC donated to relevant training and learning programs of archery activities in Jen Ho Junior High School in Taoyuan City, Taichung Municipal Szu-Chen Junior High School, Kaohsiung Municipal Fongsi Junior High School, Hsinchu Fuli Junior High School, Ji An Elementary School and Jian Ching Elementary School in Huanlien recommended by Sports Administration in order to support the basic development of archery so that students from disadvantaged families can utilize better equipment and have better opportunities to engage in competitions.


Enhance Social Charity
  In order to fulfill our goal of "giving back to the society", we continue to cooperate with several charity groups and NGOs to have a better understanding of the needs of the disadvantaged groups. In addition to the sponsorship, we arranged the "charity market events and donations" in the 28th anniversary of TDCC in 2017 to provide a platform for respective charity groups to promote their events.


  2017 is the eighth consecutive years for TDCC to arrange blood donating events, in addition to donating 10,000 bags of blood to Taipei Blood Center, TDCC encouraged their colleagues and employees from other companies in the building to participate in blood donating events on November 21, 2017. TDCC has donated a total of 202 bags of blood, proving care during the harsh winter in the day. TDCC has arranged blood-donating events for years. A total of 80,000 empty bags have been donated by TDCC with donated blood totaling 336,000cc. The efficiency of the charity events arranged by TDCC has been widely recognized and appreciated by Taipei Blood Center.


  In order to enhance connection between TDCC and social groups, TDCC has established the Charity Club since 2011 to integrate employees’ care for the society, the disadvantaged groups, donations and relevant resources. TDCC strategically selects disadvantaged groups to sponsor to enable the groups to utilize the funds in a more systematic and efficient manner; on the other hand, we also pay close attention to the society's needs to make contribution on a more flexible basis. Since its establishment, the charity club has donated over NT$5.08 million contributed by all employees of TDCC.