Business Contact Table, Account Number and Usage Comparison Table

Operations for Cancellation of Affidavits for Accounts of Natural Persons of Foreign Nationality

Operations for the Adjustment and Waiver of Ownership of Marketable Securities by Companies without Shareholder Service Units

Interpretation Letter from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Chinese version olny)

Letter of Attestation Draft Template (Chinese version only)

Adjustment Operation Explanation (Chinese version only)

Information on Companies without Shareholder Service Units (Chinese version only)

Fund Information Transmission Platform

Related Files of Uses by Usage Institution

Related Information on the Information Transmission Service Institution(the information on the right shall be provided by the Information Transmission Service Institution; please consult the Service Institution if you have any questions)

Other Reference Information

Fund Clear

Related Files for Reporting and Announcement Operations

Response to Investor and Authority Inquiries about Account Information

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Issuer Network Statements Distribution File Format Download

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Information Exchange Automation

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Fund Clear

Related Files for Reporting and Announcement Operations

Offshore Fund Transaction Platform

Domestic Fund Transaction Platform

S.M.A.R.T. Next-Generation Depository System

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Open-End Beneficiary Certificate Dematerialized Issuance Forms

Frequently-Used Forms for Equity Services

Related Documents for Exercising Personal Information Data Rights

Shareholder Request for Financial Statements

Documents for Stocks Issued in Dematerialized Form