Calligraphy by Mr. Au Ho-nien, a renowned calligrapher, adorns the logo of Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation, exemplifying the grandeur of the art of calligraphy.



The logo of Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation is masterfully crafted with bold brushstrokes that form the image of a Tai Chi symbol. It carries profound significance and represents the new generation of TDCC's philosophy.


Tai Chi is the origin of all creation, symbolizing the profound trust that the market places in TDCC. It reflects TDCC's commitment to safeguarding and preserving the assets of investors, just as it has been from the beginning.


Tai Chi generates the dual principles of Yin and Yang, which in turn give rise to the Four Forms and Four Forms give birth to the Eight Trigrams, signifying an unending cycle of life. TDCC cares about this land, pursues ESG sustainability, engages in long-term philanthropy, emphasizes cyber security, and demonstrates its diversity and resilience. These principles underscore the core values of a people-centric approach and technology for the greater good.


The Tai Chi symbol represents a continuously evolving and rotating system, mirroring TDCC's commitment to innovation and excellence, enhancing the digitization and efficiency of financial markets, while upholding its core traditional business foundation.


The Yin and Yang of Tai Chi symbolize diverse market participants in the world. It evolves into TDCC's role as a cross-domain collaborator with numerous partners. TDCC serves as not only a pivotal hub for domestic financial services but also as a bridge connecting Taiwan's financial services with international standards.