TDCC is hardworking at its business in the overall market for a long time. In addition to proactively assisting the competent authorities in implementing policies and enhancing five core services to meet the development needs of the domestic capital market. TDCC is actively digitalizing and innovating business and services. The main services provided include:

  • Comprehensive financial back-end services, including centralized custody, settlement, as well as book-entry transfer of the five major financial commodities: stocks, futures, bonds, bills, funds, and cross-border custody.
  • Adopting financial technology and big data, TDCC launched a variety of innovative digital services, including the e-Passbook App, an electronic voting system, a video conference platform for shareholder meetings, an investor relations (IR) platform, a securities and futures industry ESG implementation information control system, a big data supervisory platform, the AML/CFT Screening Platform, and the CTP platform.

TDCC Financial Innovation