Electronic Voting

To provide Taiwan market with full mechanism for shareholders to execute their voting rights, TDCC has completed the implementation of e-voting platform, STOCKVOTE in 2009 by following the order of competent authority.Since 2018, the securities authorities have enforced electronic voting in all listed company shareholders' meetings.

E-voting provides shareholders with one more channel to attend shareholders' meetings. When shareholders are unable to attend in person or have not assigned a proxy, they can exercise their voting power at the shareholders' meetings through electronic voting. According to Article 177-1 of the Company Act, it is equivalent to attending the meeting in person.

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Business Introduction

E-voting Platform

The E-voting platform is designed based on the contract between the issuing company and TDCC. It uses the Internet as the operating interface, coupled with network security mechanism and asymmetric encryption mechanism (PKI), enabling the shareholders to enter through computers or smart devices. Also, authentication mechanisms such as Certificate Authority (CA) or e-PASSBOOKS are adopted as the user's ID recognition. Consequently, shareholders can exercise their voting power electronically from 7:00 to 24:00 daily during the voting period. The voting content will be digitally signed and stored through the information system.

As for the needs of internal control of professional institutional investors (custodian banks, securities investment trust enterprises, securities firms, etc.), this platform enables the entities with identity verification through Certificate Authority (CA) and provides mechanism for persons-in-charge and supervisors to double check the content of electronic voting result. Furthermore, online voting and batch voting are also available for the professional institutional investors to make the operation more convenient.

Value-added Services -- Investor relations (IR) platform and the statistics of Stewardship

In line with the "New Corporate Governance Roadmap" of the Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB), this platform has also established an "Investor Relations Platform" to consolidate investor relations contacts to promote communication between investors and issuing companies. It also cooperates with international ESG (Environment Social Governance) institutions to provide related scoring for the issuing company, enabling the companies to understand the intention of ESG and foreign investment perspectives, which can not only reduce the information gap between each other but also improve the ESG performance of the issuing company.

Besides, for investors of electronic voting institutions who have signed the " Stewardship principle," the platform also integrates corporate governance evaluation results, comparing the corporate governance points of their investment targets with the overall average points of other signatories as the guidelines to promote domestic corporate governance and responsible investment.


Individual/Corporate shareholders, issuing companies/stock agencies, and professional institutional juridical entities

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