Facilitating Shareholders to Exercise Shareholder Rights and Supervising Corporations to Implement Corporate Governance

In line with the Financial Supervisory Commission's " Corporate Governance Roadmap," our company has been developing the "ESG Investor Relations Platform" since 2020 to assist shareholders in exercising their rights and to supervise corporations in implementing corporate governance. The platform currently provides ESG ratings from major ESG rating agencies worldwide for listed companies in Taiwan. Not only can listed companies understand their own performance compared to their peers, but investors can also have neutral and objective third-party data on the ESG performance of listed companies as a reference.

Platform Strategy Objectives

  1. Provide diverse ESG rating information to promote the overall market's attention and understanding of ESG.
  2. Assist companies in understanding international trends and promoting interaction with international investors and research institutions.
  3. Develop related services for due diligence governance to assist domestic institutions in practicing responsible investment.

Service Introduction

Service Introduction


ESG IR Plarform

Regulations Announcement
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