Domestic and Overseas Marketing and Communication

  TDCC keeps pace with the times, continuously introduces diversified products and services coordinated with domestic and foreign laws and regulations and combined with the big data and cloud technology, and holds a number of business promotion description sessions, training, information promotions and various visiting and exchange activities so that the investors and the employed personnel can understand various new operations and businesses. In the promotion of international business, we actively participate in the Asia-Pacific depository institutions, sign memos of cooperation with international depository organizations, and closely interact with depository institutions, clearing institutions, and custodian banks of different countries, and share topics about business promotion, financial governance and information security through forums and seminars.

Domestic Business Promotion

  We launched a number of products and services in 2018, and held a number of description sessions and trainings to enable investors and employed personnel (depository practitioners) to understand the advantages and services of each product to promote the development of the financial market. TDCC ePassbook has been well reputed since its launch in 2017. TDCC collected suggestions and preferences of all users and launched Version 2.0 in 2018, which can integrates information of various securities dealers and provide a comprehensive management platform for investors to easily grasp the inventory of own assets. In order to continue to promote the TDCC ePassbook, we will continue to hold 21 business promotion description sessions, 3 securities dealer business exchange meetings, and participate in various exhibitions and lectures such as the Financial Services Love Carnival and the Seminar on New Trends in Investment in 2018 for propaganda. As of April 2019, 600,000 households have applied for the TDCC ePassbook, and survey shows that 60% of the investors with new accounts select TDCC ePassbook.


International Promotion and Exchange

  Taiwan is in an open capital market. In order to master the trend of international financial supervision and related business development, and to be internationally compatible, TDCC actively participates in international organizations, and masters international dynamic state through international meetings and personnel exchanges and training, and we share business development experience on important occasions of international meetings to enhance the international visibility and strengthen the connection between Taiwan and the international market.