Supplier Management

TDCC's primary suppliers can be divided into hardware equipment and software services. For primary hardware equipment. We always maintain a good relationship with our suppliers. In addition to product quality, service, delivery, and price, we also hope that the supplier and the TDCC have the same concept of corporate social responsibility to create a sustainable value chain for the future. In order to implement TDCC's sustainable management vision and strategy as well as expand its influence, in addition to our own business and internal cultural establishment, we also hope to work with suppliers to implement corporate social responsibility and achieve the goal of good ethical standards, protection of labor human rights and the environment. Because of this, we plan to formulate the "Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Policy" at the end of 2019 and promulgate it in April 2020 to promote the supplier's corresponding code of conduct, and require all suppliers who cooperate with TDCC to abide by and sign the "Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Policy".

Supplier CSR Promotion Policy.