Account Book-Entry Transfer

Book-entry settlement of international bonds/registered foreign bonds


1.Electronic bond trading system of Taipei Exchange: Securities dealers should engage in the clearing, enquiry and transfer of payment via the international bond trading system, which is a sub-system of the electronic trading system of Taipei Exchange.

2.Price negotiation for outright transaction at securities dealers’premises:

(1)The target securities of outright or repo-style bond transactions between clients and participants, or among participants shall be delivered in book-entry form and payments are to be settled among themselves.

(2)Securities dealers may engage in repo-style bond transactions with clients, and the former must issue a passbook to the latter.

(3)Clients may make an outright sale of international bonds to securities dealers following the procedures prescribed by the Taipei Exchange for exemption of in-person settlement at the counter.

3.Transfer operation:

(1)Participants may request securities transfer for direct private acquisition, and for succession/gift, redemption/repo, pledge and trust arrangements.

(2)Participants may request TDCC to engage in cross-border payment and securities transfer for foreign currency-denominated bonds that are registered or deposited with a foreign depository.

(3)Transfer among foreign depositories and other participants is possible provided the international bonds are registered with TDCC.

Regulations Announcement
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