Human Resources

Talent Composition and Structure

  TDCC and RichFund had a total of 559 regular employees, and no contract employees at the end of 2018. We primarily recruit local talents and we guarantee a job quota for the disabled based on legal requirements. Disabled employees are offered a certain level of support, achieving the workplace spirit of diversity and care for the disadvantaged.


  Gender equality at the workplace has become a global and social issue that attracted wide attention in recent years, and it is also an issue of concern to us. TDCC proactively advocates the importance of gender equality in the internal organization. The recruitment and remuneration of both genders reflect that TDCC supports this issue through actions and keeps abreast with the gender equality requirements set out in the SDGs.


Labor-management Communication and Staff Complaints

  TDCC value the employees' opinions and ideas. Through regular labor-management meetings, employee suggestions, interviews, we listen to their voice and see them as work partners even family members.

  Between 2016 and 2018, there were no employee complaints, violations of any labor and human rights regulations, or penalties. We also keep track of employee work conditions, and continue to provide multiple communication channels.