Participating in social assistance, promoting social inclusion

  • Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Project in Turkey
  • Donation of Transportation Vehicles to Indigenous Churches and Related Organizations
  • Mennonite Hospital Eastern Nursing Staff Training Program
  • Good Day Together Walk" Event by the Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation

Christmas Love and Charity Day Event

  • TDCC has demonstrated its long-term commitment to caring for the community and actively giving back to society by promoting ESG sustainable development through its annual Blood Donation Day event for the past 14 years. Each year, TDCC donates 10,000 blood bags, with strong support and enthusiastic participation from nearby company employees and community members. On a single day, the blood donation exceeds 200 bags, and over the course of 14 years, nearly over 2,000 people have actively participated, resulting in a cumulative blood donation volume of 700,000 cc. The total value of the donated blood bags has exceeded 12.32 million New Taiwan Dollars. The Blood Donation Center presents TDCC with an annual Special Contribution Award, recognizing its long-standing commitment to blood donation.