Securities Holder List Services

Since the book-entry central custody system became operational in 1990, TDCC has produced and delivered registers of securities held in our custody to issuers three days prior to the period of suspension of title transfer announced by issuers, as required by Article 43 of the Securities and Exchange Act, Article 32 of Regulations Governing Book-entry Operations for Centrally Deposited Securities and Articles 90 and 99 of our operating guidelines.

According to the Explanatory Letter No. Jin-Shang-10102446370 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs dated January 7, 2013, the shareholder meeting convened by minority shareholders and supervisors shall enjoy the same legal status as the meeting convened by the issuing company. TDCC has also put in place an application procedure for minority shareholders or supervisors to access the register to protect their rights as a meeting convener and investor.

application procedure for minority shareholders