In the 1980s, the domestic economy continued to grow at a high rate, leading to a stock market boom. To solve the issue of settling a large number of stocks efficiently, the competent authority instructed the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE), securities firms, and financial institutions to plan a book-entry transfer system for securities and established Taiwan Securities Central Depository Co., Ltd (TSCD)., the predecessor of TDCC, in October 1989. TSCD was responsible for establishing and promoting the centralized securities depository and book-entry transfer and settlement system, soon earning the trust of investors.

When the Taiwan Futures Exchange was established in 1997, it entrusted TSCD to develop and maintain a futures clearing system due to our experience in back-end information system development; thus, we officially took our first step into back-end system services in the futures market.

Since 1998, to institutionalize the stock affairs operations in the market, the competent authority has appointed the TSCD to audit stock affairs, further protecting investors' shareholder equity.

In 2006, under the policy guidance of the competent authority, in order to maximize the synergy of back-office operations of cross-market participants, TSCD merged with Debt Instruments Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. Taiwan (DIDC), and changed its name to "Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation" (TDCC).


In 2014, in order to promote the implementation of shareholder activism in the securities market, TDCC merged with "Taiwan Integrated Shareholder Service Company".

In 2015, in cooperation with the competent authority to promote financial technology innovation policies, TDCC invested and established “Fund Rich Securities Ltd.” to provide investors with a safe, convenient and diversified online funds supermarket.

Through the above merger, TDCC has become the only back-end organization in domestic financial market, providing a platform for diversified market, including equity securities, fixed-income instruments, bills, mutual funds, futures and cross-border custody services.

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