TDCC Chairman Dr. Bing-Huei Lin

TDCC Chairman Dr. Bing-Huei Lin

We welcome you to explore the Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC) website. Here, you can learn about our market services and access the latest market information. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us. The TDCC team is wholeheartedly at your service.

2023 is TDCC's 34th anniversary. TDCC was founded to address the challenges of massive stock settlement at the time and establish centralized securities depository and book-entry transfer systems. Over the years, our services have expanded from equities to include a diverse range of products and services such as fixed-income securities, bills, futures, cross-border services, funds, and issuer services, creating a diversified platform for the market. We've introduced SupTech to assist policy implementation and offer various digital services to investors. The scale of our growth today far surpasses what we initially imagined.

TDCC has always been market-oriented, with a mission to maintain the safety and stability of Taiwan's financial market. This sets us apart and signifies our significant responsibility to the public. Over the past 34 years, we've experienced substantial growth in scale and service offerings, yet our mission, commitment, and spirit of contribution remain unwavering.

In recent years, capital markets have been marked by significant changes. We've witnessed a growing emphasis on societal resilience following the pandemic, geopolitical risks, inflation, the impact of a declining birthrate, global crises, and the demand for social equity. Additionally, we've seen rapid technological innovations, the growing importance of ESG, and the accelerating development of AI. Our entire team is vigilant and adapts carefully to the developments in technology and globalization, continuously enhancing the competitiveness of our capital markets.

The era of AI is upon us, and new thinking and technologies are driving the next transformation in the capital market. TDCC is bound to play a constructive and pivotal role. To explore new horizons in financial services, TDCC has outlined four key development visions: "Innovation," "Resilience," "Sustainability," and "Financial Inclusion." We are optimizing financial transaction processes, enhancing the investor experience, facilitating the sustainable transformation of the financial industry, and striving to create the most advanced and comprehensive infrastructure. Our core philosophy is "altruism and common good." We actively promote responsible innovation, expand cross-domain application scenarios, and continuously optimize traditional core businesses to enhance operational efficiency, realizing our corporate value of "financial infrastructure, digital collaboration."

Under the guidance of policies and the collective efforts of our team, TDCC has become the foundational infrastructure for the market to enter into a new future. We are committed to continual improvement on this solid foundation, working hand in hand with you to embrace a new era for the industry and realize the vision of sustainable finance in Taiwan.