Letter from the Chairman & CEO

  TDCC pursues excellence and strives to become a model of corporate citizen. In 2018, among all the relevant securities and futures entities, TDCC took the lead and produced the first CSR report, which has been certified by international organizations and won the "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award " presented by CommonWealth Magazine and the "Corporate Sustainability Report Award" by TCSA. As we believe that the "business value" and "social value" are equally important, we will continue to optimize our core business activities and carry out business transformation and innovation as time goes by. Through the efforts into developing the economy, caring for the society, and protecting the environment, we will strive to respond to the UN's sustainable development goals and create the momentum to improve social goodness.

  On the front of corporate governance, we have established the "Code of Ethical Conduct of Directors and Supervisors of Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation" to live up to our commitment to honest and transparent operations. We also established a reporting system and the "Directions Governing Handling of Reported Cases" in 2018 to encourage the reporting of any crime, fraud, or violation of laws. TDCC not only focuses on its own corporate governance but also hopes to elevate the image of corporate governance of Taiwan’s capital market. In the past ten years, we have actively promoted the "Shareholders Electronic Voting Platform," and finally, we reached a significant milestone in 2018 as electronic voting was adopted comprehensively at shareholders' meetings of the companies listed in the stock exchange and over-the-counter markets, putting shareholder activism into practice. In addition, we also adhered to the government's policy to build the "AML/CFT Screening Platform" and "Company Transparency Platform" to enhance the country's corporate information transparency and build a more internationally competitive capital market.

  In terms of social care, we have long promoted education in rural areas, cared for the disadvantaged groups, sponsored remedial programs, arts programs, and sports teams of primary schools, and organized various charity activities such as blood donation to put into practice the Company's vision of social care. In 2018, we organized the first "TDCC Archery Tournament" to allow children in rural areas to stand on the course and demonstrate their talent, as well as sponsoring the young athletes from the Ji An Primary School in Hualien County to participate in the 2018 American National Target Championships, we have supported the children every step of the way to pursue their dreams on the global stage. Furthermore, our social care programs have been gradually diversified. In 2018, we also paid attention to the development of local arts and held the "Brainstorming, Contemporary Arts Award" to support young art workers with practical actions and incorporate aesthetics into the public space of our office environment.

  As for environmental protection, We have promoted low-carbon and efficient green operations by enhancing the digital financial environment and reduced the impact of business activities on the environment through the development of comprehensive dematerialized issuance of stocks, book-entry operations, automation of issuer connection, TDCC ePassbook, provision of exclusive electronic query services for the public sector, dematerialization of commercial paper, and electronic transmission of application forms. We also conducted inventory of greenhouse gases for 2018 to keep abreast of our own carbon emissions, reviewing the data and monitoring the work step by step to explore the room and opportunities for emissions reductions.

  The year of 2018 was a fruitful year for TDCC with the operating results reaching a record high. As the year of 2019 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of TDCC, in addition to continuously optimizing and expanding our business territory, we will continue to uphold our important mission of promoting common good in society. Therefore, TDCC will put into practice the vision of innovative development and sustainable operations, continue to listen to and value stakeholders' opinions, build financial service hubs, and create and live up to diverse values in the market. We will provide comprehensive financial services, practice the spirit of inclusive finance, enhance the infrastructure construction projects, and exert an influence that stabilizes the financial sector. We expect to work with business partners to create a more advanced and robust capital market.


Sherman Lin, Chairman & CEO of TDCC