The ESG trend has swept across the world, becoming a prominent topic. ESG-related issues have gradually gained significant attention from governments worldwide. The Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) has been serving the overall market for over 30 years as the sole back-office provider for Taiwan’s capital and currency markets. Under a four-fold developmental vision embracing “Innovation,” “Resilience,” “Sustainability,”the Company actively promotes various ESG sustainability initiatives. By implementing concrete action plans, TDCC aims to achieve sustainable development goals.

  • In terms of environmental protection, we are committed to promoting green business and management practices. We have implemented greenhouse gas inventory, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendations, all of which are fully disclosed in our 2022 ESG Report. To respond to climate change and international organization initiatives towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, our Company is actively developing a carbon reduction plan roadmap that includes measures to reduce electricity consumption, purchase green energy, and other comprehensive carbon reduction measures.

  • In terms of social engagement, creating a healthy and happy workplace has always been an important commitment of the Company. Internally, we take care of our employees wholeheartedly and are dedicated to promoting various activities for workplace safety and employee health promotion, helping employees achieve physical and mental wellness. Externally, we continue to invest in social welfare and actively promote public welfare for vulnerable groups, education, culture, sports, and other areas, to practice our corporate care philosophy and exert a multifaceted positive impact.

  • With regard to corporate governance, we continue to build toward and implement the goal of sustainable management. We have designed diverse training programs for new employees, existing employees, senior executives, and even board members based on our code of conduct, integrity guidelines, quality policies, and other regulations. Through our attitude of operating with integrity and practical actions such as following laws, combating corruption, and preventing money laundering, we strive to maintain our effectiveness. We also continue to implement regulatory compliance, establish internal controls, risk management, information security, and other relevant regulatory frameworks to protect the interests of the Company’s shareholders.

As the only back end in Taiwan’s capital market and money market, the Company, with the aforementioned development vision and strategies, expands innovative digital business, adopts big data applications, builds new smart depository services, and works with competent authorities and market participants to establish a fintech service ecosystem, thereby realizing sustainable finance in Taiwan.