A Message from the Chairman & CEO

2019 is the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the TDCC. During the first 10 years, we focused mainly on depository, the second 10 years was focused on book entries, and the third 10 years was focused on the diversification of the business. With the efforts of all of our employees, we launched a diversified product line including equity securities, funds, bonds, short-term bills and derivative commodities, providing a full range of back-end quality services. We achieved outstanding results in the business sector, but we are not quite satisfied with this. We also hope to become a model of the corporate citizen under the social aspect. In 2019, we published the second corporate social responsibility report. In addition to receiving the "Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility" again, we received the Platinum Award for "TCSA Corporate Sustainability Report" and TCSA's "Best Performance of Specific Categories - Social Inclusion Award " for the first time. In the future, we will continue to deepen the three aspects of financial influence, including economic development, caring for the society and protecting the environment, which are in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, allowing both TDCC and Taiwan can operate sustainably and write a new chapter in history.

Facing the rapidly changing financial market, we use technology to transform and innovate, hoping to become a hub for building domestic financial services, researching and developing higher-quality customized products and comprehensive services, and taking digitization and intelligence as the main axis of innovation. We also hope to continuously improve and optimize the core business, actively promote business diversification, integrate digital platforms for services, create the greatest value of data through the integration of cross-border, cross-industry, and cross-environment and build a safer, more efficient, and low-cost financial market with a back-office service. In line with the financial inclusion goal set by the World Bank, besides from expanding the promotion of financial management and financial education, TDCC is gradually transforming into a service company. We adhere to the concept of friendly cooperation within the market, such as building user-friendly interfaces and diversified channels and combining robot intelligence services, big data marketing, cloud services and other information technologies to integrate financial management into everyday life while building a digital innovative ecosystem, and enhance digital services in Taiwan's financial market. By exerting the functions of digital FinTech, we strengthen the protection of investors' rights and safeguard financial security, apply visual tools and big data to provide competent authorities with timely market supervision and efficient analysis results, and implement supervision responsibilities for financial markets of our country.

In terms of corporate governance, as more and more institutional investors begin to incorporate "environmental, social and governance" (ESG) indicators into investment decisions, we have successively established cooperative relations with several international ESG research institutions and scoring systems. Our partners include the ESG scoring agency Sustainalytics, who became our first strategic partner in early 2019, and the international electronic voting agency ISS, known for its shareholder meeting and corporate governance research, who has also expanded its cooperation with us in the ESG sector. At the same time, in conjunction with the "New Corporate Governance Roadmap" (2018-2020) of the Financial Supervisory Commission, we formally launched the "Investor Relations Integration Platform", which significantly improved the quality and transparency of information exchange between investors and companies, and increased the willingness and stickiness of foreign investment in Taiwan. In 2019, the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG)'s evaluation of the country's overall prevention of money laundering determined that Taiwan would be promoted to the highest level of "regular follow-up", which shows that Taiwan's efforts to eliminate money laundering are being recognized internationally. In the past few years, we cooperated with governments to provide the "AML/CFT Screening Platform" to be used by units that are legally required to handle anti-money laundering operations in order to further assist them in investigating the actual beneficiary information of corporate clients. The "Company Transparency Platform" was set up according to government policies, which provides the corresponding units to inquire and thoroughly inventory the customers. We were also awarded the "Special Thank You Award" at the Money Laundering Prevention Evaluation and Commendation Conference of the Anti-Money Laundering Office of the Executive Yuan in October 2019. In the future, we will continue to assist relevant units with fulfilling their international obligations to prevent money laundering and counter financing of terrorism.

TDCC has been engaged in international exchange activities for many years. In 2019, we served as a member of the Board of Directors to the World Forum of CSDs. We promote the concept of global cooperation, reorganize working groups, strengthen member cooperation, explore new business opportunities, strengthen exchanges with other regional organizations and joint training of personnel, and promote Taiwan to move towards the global stage. In response to "The New Southbound Policy", TDCC held the first "International Investor Service Symposium" in 2019 with TSD and KSD, inviting industry experts and members of the Asia Pacific CSD Group (ACG) to share innovative and diversified shareholders' meeting services to create regional prosperity and development.

Showing care for the society, we use actions to promote the concept of corporate care, promote employees' regular exercise habits, and create a healthy and happy workplace. In 2019, we also obtained the "Corporate Sports Certification" from the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education and the "Healthy Workplace Certification" from the National Health Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2019. We have long promoted education in rural areas, cared for the disadvantaged groups, sponsored remedial programs, arts programs, and sports teams of primary schools, and organized various charity activities such as blood donations for the past 10 years, actively responding to and taking care of the society's needs. We organized the second "TDCC Archery Tournament" hoping that through the support of the enterprise, children in rural areas will have the opportunity to stand on the course and demonstrate their talent in the archery field, increasing their capability in participating in future international competitions. As it is the 30th anniversary of TDCC in 2019, the "The 30th TDCC Joint Concert" was held to present the learning results of long-term beneficiary rural school children from Hualien County.

As for environmental protection, we enhanced the digital financial environment and reduced the impact of business activities on the environment. Through the development of comprehensive dematerialized issuance of stocks, book-entry operations, automation of issuer connection, e-voting platform, TDCC ePassbook, and electronic transmission of application forms significantly reduced the amount of paper used in Taiwan's financial industry and carbon emissions from physical documents. TDCC spare no effort in promoting the paperless concept. We also conducted inventory of greenhouse gases for 2019 and the scope of the inventory was further expanded to include business travel in scope 3, starting from gradually mastering our own carbon emissions. The ISO 50001 Energy Management System was also introduced for the first time in 2019. From the overall strategic planning to the actual implementation of energy saving and carbon reduction, we are moving towards the development of a green enterprise.

At this significant moment of the 30th anniversary, we have successively provided diversified services other than stocks, taken advantage of existing big data, conformed to the rapid development of international digital information, embraced technology and innovation, and introduced new information services based on the user's needs which are generally well received. As the "service provider" of the national capital market, in the next 10 years, we will take the promotion of the society well-being as an important mission, implement the concept of innovative development and sustainable management, and give full play to stable financial influence in order to become the strongest and most powerful back-up for Taiwan's financial market. Together with corporate partners, we will promote the development of Taiwan's capital market and move towards the global stage.

圖片 Sherman Lin, Chairman & CEO of TDCC