Spot Gold


Withdrawal of Physical Gold

The competent authority approved TDCC to handle the custody, clearing & settlement and book-entry of spot gold on October 17, 2014, and the spot gold has been traded at Taipei Exchange since January 5, 2015. The investors' spot gold purchased and sold through securities firms is all recorded on securities passbooks.

If the investor needs physical gold, he can bring the securities passbook and fills "Application Form for Physical Gold Withdrawal" before 3 pm on each business day to the securities firms. The application unit is one tael or multiples of taels. The investor shall submit the handling fee for the conversion into physical gold at the custodian bank after being notified. Then the custodian bank delivers the 999.9 parts per thousand gold equipped with an anti-counterfeiting mechanism and guarantee letter to the investor.

For detailed operation procedures, please refer to "Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation Directions for Book-Entry Operations of Spot Gold by Participants and Spot Gold Custody Banks " on the official website of the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation, under the Regulations-Securities category.



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