Environmental Protection and Green Operations

  Carbon reduction is not only a slogan, and it should be implemented into practice. We carried out 2018 greenhouse gas inventory according to ISO 14064-1 to have an understanding of our emissions through international standards, which was verified by DNV GL Business Assurance Co., Ltd. as the basis for follow-up improvement. This certificate is not only the first greenhouse gas inventory report of securities and future units in Taiwan, but also a declaration of our determination in energy conservation and carbon reduction based on our corporate social responsibility.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

  The greenhouse gas inventory was carried out for the first time in 2018, so the emissions were only greenhouse gas emissions within the boundaries of TDCC.

  Seen from the observation point, the emissions are mainly from Nangang office and computer room, accounting for nearly 60% of the emissions of the TDCC in 2018. As the information room is the core of ourmain operations, it requires 24-hour uninterrupted operation and high monitoring and management to maintain the normal operation of the financial market system. Therefore, it uses a large amount of electricity to operate and maintain. The head office in the Hungya Building is an office building with emissions mainly from electricity use (nearly 91%). Due to the rental relationship, it is not possible to significantly improve the air-conditioning equipment of the building. However, we continue to promote and improve office habits and electricity management to reduce unnecessary power consumption.