Centralized Trades

In accordance with TWSE and GTSM operation regulations and rules, the delivery and settlement operations for securities traded on the TWSE or GTSM shall be handled by TDCC. 圖片 Appendix- centralized trades’s operating procedures

Negotiable Trades in Over-the-Counter Market

TDCC provides book entry services for negotiable transactions between customer and Participant or between participants.


Appendix-The procedure of negotiable trades in over-the-counter market

Clearing and Settlement of Emerging Stocks

To provide unlisted stocks with a legal, secure and transparent transaction platform, GTSM has established an emerging stocks transaction system on January 2, 2002, while TDCC handles the clearing and settlement of emerging stocks.

Once securities firms complete a transaction in GTSM’s Emerging Stocks Electronic Negotiated Trading System, GTSM will notify TDCC of trading details and settlement methods. TDCC will then carry out the subsequent payment and settlement operations as described below based on the GTSM notice:

Trade for trade: Buyers and sellers complete settlements on the trade day.


Netting: Buyers and sellers complete settlements with TDCC on T+2.


Appendix-Clearing and Settlement of Emerging Stocks’s operating procedures