Research Project Report Abstract

# Filename Date Download
#1 FilenameEvaluation of the Current Status and Application Scenarios of Digital Identity Verification at TDCC Date2023/12 Download
#2 FilenameExploring the application of central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the trading and settlement of fixed-income products on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx) Date2023/12 Download
#3 FilenameEstablish an Onshore Fund Centralized Clearing Platform Date2021/12 Download
#4 FilenameExploration of the Latest Trends in SupTech and RegTech Date2020/12 Download
#5 FilenameExploring the Role and Function of TDCC in the Securities Market from the Perspective of Open Finance Trends Date2020/12 Download
#6 FilenamePromoting collaborative development of feasible strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility among Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) Globally Date2019/12 Download
#7 FilenameExploring New Paradigms in Fixed-Income Securities Payment Transactions Amid Emerging Trends in Taiwan's Financial Market Date2019/12 Download
#8 FilenameTDCC's Use of Digital Technology for Transmission of Materials on Shareholder Meetings of Issuers and Other Notification Date2018/12 Download
#9 FilenameThe feasibility of funds integrated inquiries via mobile ePassBook APP Date2017/12 Download
#10 FilenameThe Study of Expanding TDCC's Service by Applying Fintech Date2017/12 Download
#11 FilenameResearch of TDCC's Cross-Border Delivery Custodial Business on the Basis of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect Cross-Border Delivery Model Date2016/12 Download
#12 FilenameCSDR - Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities Date2016/12 Download