Principal and Interest Payment Agent Services

Interest and Redemption Payment services


A.Production and Provision of Bond Holders List

The review of holders’ information and the creation of list of holders for interest and redemption payment for bonds on central deposit according to the following procedures:

a. TDCC creates a list of holders’ basic information from Day T-4 to T-2 on the day of interest and redemption payment, so as to enable participants to check their clients’ book-entry account numbers and registered addresses.

b. The participants shall prepare a document containing holders’ information on Day T-1 of the day of interest and redemption payment, and submit it to TDCC on the day.

B.Payment of Interest and Redemption

a. When the issuer deals with the payment of interest and redemption, TDCC will create a list of holders on behalf of the issuer by taking the following steps

b.For issuers entrusting TDCC as their paying agent to deal with principal/interest redemption, the operation procedures are stated as following:

Regulations Announcement
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