Enhance Social Charity

  Besides from paying great attention to the progress and growth of the industry, TDCC also devoted itself to social welfare continuously. In recent years, in addition to elderly care, food banks and charity sales, we have extended our concern to the field of art and literature, supported local traditional art with practical actions, and encouraged contemporary art creation. "Timely donation of blood, love is not delayed!" Regular blood donation is good for your health and can help others at critical moments. Since 2010, we started to organize blood donation drives. In 2019, in collaboration with the 30th anniversary, the blood donation and charity sale activities were held on the 1st floor of the Hongya Building on November 22. We also invited the employees of the other companies in our office building to join the blood donation program, including American Express, the National Credit Card Center of R.O.C, Allianz Global Investors, the First Bank, and the CTBC Bank to come together and donate blood, care for disadvantaged groups, and serve the society.

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