Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Special Performance for Art Education Promotion

  • TDCC has long been committed to promoting education in rural areas, caring for the underprivileged, and supporting cultural activities. This corporate philosophy aligns with the Cloud Gate Foundation's emphasis on educational outreach. Therefore, since 2020, TDCC has collaborated with the Cloud Gate Foundation to promote arts education in rural schools. In 2023, TDCC continued to support the "2023 Cloud Gate Dance Theatre's Special Educational Performances of 'Legacy' and 'Waves'," demonstrating its concrete support for the promotion of arts and culture in rural Taiwanese schools and assisting the government in extending and promoting artistic activities in remote areas.

National Theater and Concert Hall’s Youth-Elders Co-creation Project

  • In 2023, TDCC once again supported the National Performing Arts Center's Intergenerational Co-Creation Project, jointly advocating for "Intergenerational Integration and Art Equality." By appreciating theater, participating in workshops, and attending sharing sessions, people from different generations were encouraged to transcend age boundaries. Over 3,500 youths and elders experienced the beauty of art together, revitalizing their senses and minds through the power of art. This initiative aimed to build relationships, foster communication and empathy, and gradually achieve the ideal of intergenerational integration, opening up new possibilities for the performing arts.