Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Special Performance for Art Education Promotion

  • In 2022, the Company upheld its commitment to art education outreach by supporting the exceptional performance of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre’s “Xia.” This initiative seeks to introduce middle and high school students from remote rural areas to the performing arts, offering them their first theatrical experience and enabling them to fully appreciate the charm of theater and dance. To demonstrate our concrete support for promoting arts and culture in remote schools in Taiwan, we actively assist the government in sustaining and promoting artistic activities in these underserved areas.

National Theater and Concert Hall’s Youth-Elders Co-creation Project

  • In 2022, TDCC provided its inaugural support to the Youth-Elders Co-creation Project initiated by the National Theater and Concert Hall.The project has organized a series of events such as the Youth-Elders Theater Experience Program, Youth-Elders Co-creation Workshops, Youth-Elders Sharing Sessions, Outreach Elderly Courses, and Artistic Excursions. Through the mediums of sound, dance, and theater, these activities have provided opportunities for over 3,500 young and elderly participants to collectively experience the aesthetics of art. They have listened to each other’s observations and inspirations about life, fostering intergenerational dialogue. Together, they have unleashed and nurtured their body, mind, and spirit, exploring the boundless possibilities of life.