Enhance Social Charity

  While improving self-specialty, we also have devoted ourselves to social welfare for quite a long time. In recent years, we have extended our concern to the field of art and literature, supported local traditional art with practical actions, and encouraged contemporary art creation.

Enhance Social Charity

  To fulfill the idea of corporate social responsibility and stimulate public concern for local arts and literature, we invite 2,000 clients to enter the theater watching the documentary "Red Box," which recounted the legendary story of Hsi-Huang Chen, a master of traditional Taiwanese puppeteer. This not only let the audience personally feel the unique charm of traditional art, and more importantly, it let us know a group of people who were striving to convey the beauty of traditional puppet-in-hand opera to the society.

Contemporary Art Promotion

  We care about the social issues of the art and literature development. In hopes to improve of the social art creation atmosphere, to encourage the creation of college students, and to develop the aesthetics of the public, in July 2018, we hosted the first "Brainstorming, Contemporary Arts Award," a public artworks contest. Through this competition, young students were encouraged to explore the various issues our society are facing through artistic creation and turned it into seeds in mind and open up a new way of seeing the world.


Blood Donation for Charity

  Since 2010, we started to organize blood donation drives. In 2018, we donated 10,000 empty blood bags to Taipei Blood Donation Center. On December 21, 2018, we held a blood donation drive on the 1st floor of our office building, Hongya Building. In addition to calling on our colleagues to participate enthusiastically, we also invited the employees of the other companies in our office building to join the blood donation program. With the enthusiastic participation of people, a total of more than 220 bags, over 55,000cc, of blood were donated. We have held blood donation drives for nine successive years, donated more than 90,000 empty blood bags and raised more than 391,000cc of blood.

Care for the Elderly

  This year, we kept on sponsoring for the Eden Foundation's "2018 Taitung Qifu Comprehensive Long-term Elderly Care Institution Service Plan." We donated NT$500,000 to the Changbin, Taitung, Day Care Centre to set up the "Day Care Centre for The Demented Elderly", "Mobile Diner" and "Physical Fitness Equipment" for the mentally challenged elderly. We hope that the demented elderly can be "aging in place" and adequately cared for in life. The ultimate goal of elderly care is to make the elders have a healthy and happy old age.


Charitable Sales - "Happy Train" Charitable Donation

  At the end of the year 2018, we held the "Winter Warm" school fair at Beigang Senior High School in Yunlin. Over NT$80,000 was accumulated in the half-day charity sale, together with NT$550,000 donation, totaling more than NT$630,000, all was donated to vulnerable families (1,100 households) supported by the Yunlin Fund for Children and Families, benefiting about 4,400 people.