The sevices of futures mutual fund are as follows:

1.Futures Trust Fund Information Reporting and Announcement Operations

To provide investors with comprehensive information services, enhance information transparency and investor protection, TDCC and the Chinese National Futures Association together launch “Futures Trust Fund Observation Post System” (http://www.fundclear.com.tw/), providing daily information of futures trust funds which have been approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) or filed for effective registration. The “Futures Trust Fund Observation Post System” is divided into two separate platforms, the information reporting platform and the information announcement platform. Futures trust enterprises can use the information reporting platform to report daily fund's net worth and related material information to the competent authority, and custodian institutions can carry out monthly statement review operations through this platform. In addition, investors can look for information of futures trust funds through the system, including basic information on the futures funds approved by the competent authority, as well as their net worth, annual financial reports, public prospectuses, and material information.

2.Open-End Beneficiary Certificate Dematerialized Issuance Service

Following the promulgation of the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act in 2004, which stated that issuers may choose to not produce beneficiary certificates in hard copy, and instead deliver the certificates to investors in book entry, TDCC has engaged in the promotion of dematerialized registration of open-end beneficiary certificates in Taiwan since March 2005 in a bid to help issuers convert paper certificates into electronic ones for registration, consequently resolving the problems of forgery, loss or damage of certificates once and for all, and thereby markedly reducing the operating and administrative costs. This has paved the way for dematerialized registration of open-end beneficiary certificates to become the mainstream practice. The enactment of Regulations Governing Futures Trust in July 2007 has made it compulsory to issue and deliver beneficiary certificates of futures trust funds electronically, marking a new era of dematerialized issuance of onshore funds. Investors are rid of the risks of certificate loss or damage and this is exactly what the policy of dematerialized issuance intends to achieve.

Regulations Announcement
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