Corporate Governance

  TDCC's highest decision-making authority is the shareholders' meeting, and the highest execution authority is the board of directors. The organization chart of the Company is as follows.


Board of Directors

  The board of directors of TDCC is formed by seven directors, all of whom are juristic persons, on behalf of Taiwan Stock Exchange, Yuanta Securities Finance Co., Ltd. and Fubon Securities Co., Ltd. respectively. There are three supervisors, including one standing supervisor, representing Taiwan Securities Association and Taiwan Futures Exchange, respectively.

  According to Article 25 of the Articles of Association of the Company approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission, the remuneration of the directors and supervisors of the Settlement Clearing House shall be determined by the shareholders' meeting. According to the shareholders' meeting resolution, the directors and supervisors will pay a monthly fee of NT$9,000 per person per month. At the end of each year, a new NT$15,000 concession will be issued, and the directors and supervisors will attend each meeting. Every time a person pays a fee of NT$10,000.

Functional Committees

  TDCC established the "risk control committee" and "R&D and rate review committee" under the board of directors to strengthen the board’s management and supervision functions. Their main functions and responsibilities are listed as follows:


Regulatory Compliance

  In order to ensure the operations of TDCC & FundRich comply with regulations, we strengthen internal compliance regulations and code of conduct through education and training. TDCC also ensures the compliance of business through procedures as follows: