To implement shareholder activism, protect shareholders' rights to exercise voting rights at shareholder meetings, and comply with the authorities' policy to promote electronic voting systems, our company completed the development of the "eVoting Platform" in 2009. The platform provides investors with a means to exercise their voting rights at shareholder meetings, and starting from 2023, it is mandatory for all listed and OTC (over-the-counter) companies to adopt the system as regulated by the securities authorities.

eVoting provides shareholders with an additional means to attend shareholder meetings. When shareholders are unable to attend in person or have not delegated others to attend, they can exercise their voting rights through electronic voting, which has the following features:

1.The effectiveness is equivalent to attending the shareholder meeting in person (Article 177-1 of the Company Law).

2.Security is ensured by using internet security mechanisms and asymmetric encryption mechanisms (PKI) in combination with authentication mechanisms such as CA electronic certificates or CSDC ePass.

3.Convenient voting: Shareholders can access the platform via computer or mobile devices between 7:00 and 24:00 daily during the voting period.


Automated corporate action information transmission

Through the "C.A.Net", our company provides automated shareholder information delivery services. Since April 2013, we have provided electronic services for the transmission and reception of segmented voting application data between custodian institutions and share units. In March 2014, we expanded our service scope to include the transmission of shareholder information such as dividend distribution and tax exemption rates between custodian institutions and share units. Starting in August 2022, we also offer information transmission services between custodian institutions and investment trust companies for ETF income distribution and client tax exemption rates. By establishing standardized operating procedures and a unified media format through our company, we have created a standardized shareholder information transmission operation for the market. This provides a secure, efficient, and convenient automated transmission environment between custodian institutions and issuers, thereby improving the overall market efficiency and reducing operation costs and risks.

Straight Through Process (STP) service

Straight Through Process (STP) Cross-Border Voting Services Our company provides Straight Through Process (STP) cross-border voting services by connecting to the systems of Broadridge and ISS companies for automated transmission cooperation. We offer services such as customer holding reconciliation between domestic custodian institutions and issuer share units, transmission of English versions of resolutions to custodian institutions, receipt of cross-border voting instructions from foreign clients of custodian institutions, and subsequent data processing. This service optimizes the time management of foreign voting, extends the time and opportunity for communication between issuers and foreign shareholders, and enhances the efficiency of voting operations while reducing market operational risks and costs. This also encourages the participation of foreign shareholders and effectively enhances the competitiveness of our country's companies.