The highest decision-making body of TDCC is the Shareholders' Meeting, and the highest executive body is the Board of Directors. To strengthen the management and supervisory functions of the Board of Directors, Sustainable Development Committee, Research, Development and Fee Committee, Risk Control Committee, and Fund Market Research and Development Consultation Committee are established.

TDCC is a private company, with the Chairman acting as the external representative, a President who comprehensively manages the business in accordance with the business policies approved by the Board of Directors. The President is assisted by two to three Senior Executive Vice Presidents. The Company has departments including Equity Services, Fixed Income Services, Fund & Global Services, Issuer Services, Equity System Development, Fixed Income System Development, IT Infrastructure, Digital Development & Information Security, Corporate Strategy & Public Affairs, General Administration, Labor Safety, Intermediaries Compliance & Inspection, Legal Affairs & Compliance, and Finance. In addition, one General Auditor is appointed, as well as the Internal Auditing Department directly governed by the Board of Directors to comprehensively manage internal control and internal audit business.

Management Team
Title Name
President Daniel Chen
Senior Executive Vice President Gloria Ching
Senior Executive Vice President Jane Chang
Senior Executive Vice President Kuang-Hui Chen
General Auditor of Internal Auditing Olivia Chang
Senior Vice President of Equity Services Victor Wang
Senior Vice President of Fixed Income Services Yuan-Hua Hsiao
Senior Vice President of Fund & Global Services Julie Wang
Executive Vice President of Issuer Services Chen-Chen Huang
Senior Vice President of Equity System Development Jeff Yang
Senior Vice President of Fixed Income System Development Feng-Chung Chen
Senior Vice President of IT Infrastructure Li-Chung Wu
Senior Vice President of Digital Development & Information Security Win-Cheng Wang
Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Public Affairs Eric Hsu
Executive Vice President of General Administration and Labor Safety Jennifer Chen
Senior Vice President of Intermediaries Compliance & Inspection Tzu-Ting Chen
Vice President of Legal Affairs & Compliance Hui-Hua Pai
Senior Vice President of Finance Stephanie Lin