Response to Investor and Authority Inquiries about Account Information


Query financial inheritance of decedents through the single window of the Internal Revenue Service

In order to facilitate public inquiries into the financial inheritance of the deceased, the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation has cooperated with the Ministry of Finance to promote the " The Single Window Inquiry Service for Financial Inheritance and Trial Calculation of estate Tax Declaration Service" which provides information on the balance of centralized custody securities held by the deceased on the day of his death. The National Taxation Bureau has compiled data from more than 400 financial institutions to produce a "Reference List for Estate Tax Financial Inheritance" or a "Notice of Trial Calculation of Estate Tax Declaration " for delivery to applicants.

Investor's written application

To better serve investors, Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) has established a dedicated system to accept requests from investors to inquire about their account opened with the participant and the balance of centralized custody securities information using their National ID card number or unified business registration number. Investors can apply in person or authorize others to apply at TDCC counters or through their securities brokers. In addition, Inheritors can apply by mail. Prior to visiting TDCC counters, investors can fill out the application form online using their mobile phones, tablets, or computers to effectively shorten the application process.

Investor Online Application

The Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) has launched a zero-contact online query service, allowing investors to access the "Investor TDCC Data Inquiry System" 24 hours a day through the internet using seven types of digital certificates, such as a ATM card with chip or a citizen digital certificate. In addition to being able to access their own information, investors can also access the digital household registration transcript provided by the Ministry of the Interior and the household registration transcript of inheritance cases. The system also interfaces with the MyData platform of the Department of Digital Development to send electronic current household registration data, expanding the scope of the inquiry to include minor children and decedents.

Regulations Announcement
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