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Date2017/06/22 ContentDelegates of Korea Securities Depository (KSD) visited TDCC to discuss the issues of future plan and development of Asia Fund Standardization Forum.
Date2017/06/16 ContentDeutsche Bank and State Street(Australia) visited TDCC for due diligence to understand TDCC's latest business.
Date2017/06/13 ContentTDCC sent delegates to attend the meeting held by PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia(KSEI) for KSEI's e-voting and e-proxy platform development project in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Date2017/05/31 ContentChairman & CEO, Mr. Sherman Lin led delegates to visit Chairman of ACG and Korea Securities Depository (KSD), Mr. Lee Byungrhae, to discuss the operation of ACG and recent business at both parties. The delegation also visited FOK, the online fund investment platform provider in Korea, to talk about future business development and strategic planning.
Date2017/05/17 ContentHSBC and BNY MELLON (Singapore) visited TDCC for due diligence and to understand TDCC's recent business.
Date2017/05/14 ContentPresident Meng attended "The 42nd Annual Conference of IOSCO" in Jamaica with Yung-Hsin Wang, Director-General of Securities and Futures Bureau, Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).
Date2017/04/27 ContentInvited by PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia(KSEI), TDCC sent delegates to Osaka to attend stakeholders meeting held by KSEI, and shared experience of establishing e-voting and implementing dematerialization during the session.
Date2017/04/27 ContentChairman & CEO Mr. Sherman Lin made a welcome plenary at "What's on the horizon for Taiwan’s financial services industry in 2017" seminar held by DTCC, and a representative of TDCC delivered a speech about cross border custodial services at the meeting.
Date2017/04/26 ContentTDCC sent delegates to visit Japan Securities Depository Center, Incorporated(JASDEC) in Tokyo, discussing ACG general operations and latest business development of TDCC.
Date2017/04/24 ContentChairman & CEO Mr. Sherman Lin led delegates to attend Fund Forum Asia in Hong Kong and served as speaker, sharing experience of using Fintech at mutual fund operation platform. During the period, delegates of TDCC also visited JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, and Schroders to discuss mutual fund business.
Date2017/04/13 ContentStandard Chartered Singapore branch visited TDCC to understand TDCC's recent business.
Date2017/04/10 ContentTDCC sent delegates to attend the 19th ACG Cross Training Seminar held in Jaipur, India.
Date2017/03/23 ContentPresident Meng attended "Taiwan and China Financial Cooperation Workshop", discussing issues including cross-border RMB policy, internal control and anti money laundering at mainland financial industry and e-finance.
Date2017/03/17 ContentHSBC and SOCIETE GENERALE PARIS visited TDCC to understand TDCC's recent business and discuss cooperation with global custodian banks.
Date2017/03/14 ContentChairman & CEO Mr. Sherman Lin attended the 42nd Annual International Futures Industry Conference held in Florida.
Date2017/03/14 ContentManaging Director of Global Securities & Fund Services of Korea Securities Depository(KSD), Mr. Seog Jae Kim, led delegation to visit TDCC, meeting with President Meng and discussing issues of ACG Executive Committee Member and future cooperation.
Date2017/02/23 ContentHSBC and UBS visited TDCC to understand TDCC's recent business.
Date2017/02/18 ContentMr. Mohammadreza Mohseni, President and CEO of Central Securities Depository of Iran(CSDI), visited TDCC with Chairman and Deputy Chairman. Both parties shared experience of recent business and discussed future cooperation.
Date2017/02/16 ContentIvana Gazic, President of Management Board of Zagreb Stock Exchange at Croatia, led 13 delegates from Slovenia Ljubljana Stock Exchange and relevant organizations to visit TDCC. TDCC gave presentation of recent business and practice of e-voting, and both parties shared experience of corporate governance.
Date2017/01/20 ContentCalastone visited TDCC to discuss business development based on Fintech and related topics.