Equity Securities Services


Bills/Bonds Services

1.Short-Term Bills Service

2.Taiwan Bills Index Rate (TAIBIR)

3.NTD-Denominated Bonds


Funds Services

Information Transmission and Cash Payment of offshore fund

Following the guidance of Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC), TDCC established the “Offshore Fund Observation Post System (OFOPS) - Information Transmission and Cash Payment Platform” in accordance with the provisions of the Offshore Fund Management Regulations drawn up in line with the requirements of the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Act. The Platform is used to provide transaction information, receipts and payments services for master agents and distributors when undertaking offshore fund subscription and redemption.


Spot Gold Services

The competent authority approved TDCC to handle the custody, clearing & settlement and book-entry of spot gold on October 17, 2014, and the spot gold has been traded at Taipei Exchange since January 5, 2015. The investors' spot gold purchased and sold through securities firms is all recorded on securities passbooks.


Offshore Structured Product Services

Offshore Structured Notes Market Observation Post System


Shareholder Services Audit