TDCC Pioneers Securities History in ePASSBOOK for Investors to Track Personal Assets


With coronavirus concerns high in 2020, stock markets in Taiwan are experiencing wide fluctuations of a dramatic 4,500-point movement. As heavy volumes changed hands, volume activities exceeding NT$300 billion have been observed dozens of times. Over the first half of the year, 660,000 investors have opened securities accounts. The number is expected to exceed 1.2 million—1.7 times the number of accounts opened in the securities market throughout 2019—by the end of the year. The growth means that investors are active participants in stock markets, and they are keeping a close eye on how the value of their assets changes.

According to big data analysis by the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC), over 80% of the investors who have recently opened integrated securities accounts are users of ePASSBOOK, an advanced multi-functional app that allows users to register their passbooks from different banks. As of now, the app has more than 1.5 million users. My Assets is the most popular function of all the convenient services on ePASSBOOK. Investors can not only examine visualizations of the market value of their equities, but they can also get a clear picture of the value and ratio of the top five stocks they hold according to filters in the app’s settings. The asset value data are beautifully and clearly displayed in a concise way.

To take asset inquiry services to the next level, TDCC, as the first in the market, launched Securities History to show the changes in investors’ assets in the past year. The approach records the users’ total investment history so that they can closely observe the changes in the value of their securities. Investors can also easily track the value of their assets in custom intervals in a month, a quarter, six months, or a year.

Han-Chiang Chu, President of TDCC, stated that ePASSBOOK has integrated information of assets such as securities, funds, bonds, and gold. The app will take the next step in incorporating bank deposits and credit card data, and develop interfaces and functions that better suit investors as users. TDCC is aiming to make ePassbook a sophisticated tool that cleverly integrates investor’s assets.