“Love at TFCF Adds Comforters to Happiness” TDCC’s Train of Happiness Heads toward New Taipei City


In response to the year-end island-wide tour of Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), TDCC’s Train of Happiness is bound for New Taipei City this year. On December 12, ahead of Christmas, thirty TDCC volunteers dressed as Santa Claus. They were led by TDCC Senior Executive Vice President Ching Kuang-Li and met thirty elementary schoolchildren invited from New Taipei City TFCF to the party “Love You Love You Christmas X Where are you Santa?” for a joint celebration of the holiday.

At the party, the schoolchildren, along with the group of Santa Clauses, created hand-made gingerbread houses that symbolized joy. Furthermore , each child found a Santa of their own and received an exclusive gift. Thirty schoolchildren and TDCC volunteers enjoyed an unforgettable and warm afternoon in the Iris Activity Room at Yingge Service Office of New Taipei City TFCF.


Gloria Ching, Senior Executive Vice President and volunteers of TDCC, invited the students from New Taipei City TFCF to the party “Love You Love You Christmas X Where are you Santa?” for a joint celebration of the holiday.

Gloria Ching, Senior Executive Vice President, indicates that New Taipei City TFCF, assisting foster families and providing child and youth services, accompanies disadvantaged children as they grow up. Even when the pandemic was severe, the organization insisted on holding a year-end gratitude gala, hoping to gather love from every sector of society, bring warmth and hope to children, and support them to walk out of the haze and create their own life with love. This clearly shows the spirit: “Where there is a need, there is TFCF.”

Besides, New Taipei City TFCF held “2020 New Taipei City TFCF Year-End Gratitude Garden Party: Love at TFCF Adds Comforters to Happiness” at Banqiao First Stadium on November 29th. TDCC contributed NTD$ 550,000 to provide essentials such as comforters for needy families so that everyone can enjoy a wonderful and warm new year.

TDCC has always provided care for society and culture, actively addressing society’s needs regarding three main aspects: “foster future financial talents,” “promote rural education,” and “provide care for the underprivileged.” As Senior Executive Vice President Gloria Ching, TDCC staff’s benevolence is always second to none; this time, the response to enrollment was overwhelming, and the staff involved indeed gained the thrill and sense of achievement outside the workplace.TDCC hopes that through corporate volunteers’ influence, more businesses and organizations can actively participate in charity. Therefore, more seeds of love will be sown, the underprivileged will be better cared for, and the common good will be achieved.