TDCC ePassbook App Wins Top Honor at the National Brand Yushan Award


The 20th National Brand Yushan Award ceremony took place on the 24th of this month. TDCC's "ePassbook App Asset Integration Service" received two major Yushan Awards, "Best Product Category" and "Best Popular Brand Category." It also secured the top prize in the "Best Popular Brand Category," highlighting TDCC's active commitment to digital innovation and inclusive finance, earning high praise from the judges.

TDCC President Te-Hsiang Chen, stated that the ePassbook App has been well-received by investors in the securities market since its launch, with over 4.3 million users. The core concept of sustainable finance has also gained recognition from investors. The ePassbook App provides a one-stop asset integration and inquiry service. Investors can apply to their securities firms to use the ePassbook App, which allows them to not only check the inventory of stocks, ETFs, and funds across accounts but also link with the top 15 domestic banks and Chunghwa Post to check deposit balances and transaction details. This service offers the convenience of combining financial and securities inquiries.

To provide investors with even more high-quality services, in late June of this year, the ePassbook App was updated to include the integration, inquiry, and push notification functions for eNotice. Investors who agree to receive eNotices and hold stocks which issuing companies already commissioned to use eNotices, can use the ePassbook App to check dividend distribution notices. This information can be presented in a visual chart format, delivering an innovative and convenient digital experience to investors.

In response to the demand for asset integration in the digital financial environment, TDCC is assisting the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) in promoting the "Open Banking" policy. Through the ePassbook App, TDCC is actively expanding its service scope. In addition to integrating securities accounts, it also includes funds and bank assets. This helps investors have a comprehensive view of securities, funds, and bank asset information. Personalized stock affairs information, such as shareholder meeting dates, dividend payments, cash capital increases, and eVoting notifications, is also provided through push notifications. This enhances the convenience of financial and stock affairs management. In the future, TDCC will continue to provide diverse value-added services, expand service scenarios, and benefit more people participating in the capital market.

TDCC ePassbook App Wins Top Honor at the National Brand Yushan Award