Hybrid Shareholders' Meetings Becoming a Popular Choice with Over a Hundred Companies Registered


Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) is committed to developing digital services for shareholders and actively optimizing and promoting the eMeeting platform. This effort aims to expand shareholder participation in shareholders’ meetings and implement shareholder activism. According to statistics, this year, 106 TWSE-listed, TPEx-listed, and emerging stock companies have registered to adopt this platform, marking the first time surpassing the hundred-company milestone.

In response to the strong domestic demand for online participation in shareholders' meetings and international trends, TDCC launched the eMeeting platform in 2022. It provides publicly traded companies with the option to conduct shareholders’ meetings via video conferencing, bridging the digital communication gap between companies and shareholders. Additionally, to incentivize companies to adopt hybrid shareholders’ meetings, TWSE and TPEx listed companies will receive an additional 1 point in their corporate governance evaluation.


Since the launch of the eMeeting platform, 72 companies adopted it in 2022, and 96 companies in 2023. To assist issuing companies, TDCC established a dedicated promotion team that provides one-on-one guidance for shareholders’ meeting rehearsals and on-site meeting assistance. TDCC also set up a simulated shareholders' meeting venue, where issuing companies and their shareholder services agent can practice before the actual meeting. Detailed explanations of platform operations are provided, along with simulations of the entire process including registration, check-in, live streaming, voting, and asking questions. Furthermore, TDCC established a "Mobile Situation Room" to monitor the live broadcast of shareholders' meetings throughout the day, promptly resolving issues to ensure smooth hybrid shareholders' meetings with good results.

Mr. Chen De-xiang, the General Manager of TDCC, stated that in response to the Financial Supervisory Commission's new financial policies to benefit the public, a full English interface for the eMeeting platform was simultaneously launched on March 15th this year, making it more accessible for foreign investors to participate in shareholders' meetings and significantly improving the transparency of corporate governance and the international visibility of Taiwanese companies.