Promising Trends in FinTech: TDCC Cooperates with Bursa Malaysia to Explore e-Account APP Services


TDCC, which has been developing FinTech applications in line with international trends and continuously improving its investor services, released the ePASSBOOK in March, 2017 and hit a record of one million user accounts this February. To continue innovating and show the world Taiwan’s soft power, TDCC cooperated with Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn. Bhd. (Bursa Malaysia) to hold an e-Account APP Service Workshop on August 19th, 2020. The goal of the workshop was to explore digital trends in e-Account services, building a cross-industry ecosystem and potential opportunities. As the market infrastructure, TDCC and Bursa Malaysia are both leaders in developing e-Account APP services in their respective regions of North-east and South-east Asia. This workshop was beneficial for developing investor services in both capital markets.

Mr. Kuang-Hui Chen, Executive Vice President of Fund & Global Services Department, TDCC, said:” ePASSBOOK from its early developments integrating multiple securities accounts into one APP service, has progressed to integrating multiple assets including equities, bonds, mutual funds and gold. Moreover, TDCC has innovated beyond the ePASSBOOK framework towards including visualized market information and customized corporate action push notifications. Our accomplishments with ePASSBOOK have been a popular topic of discussion among Asia-Pacific CSDs Group (ACG) members. This workshop has shown that Central Securities Depository (CSD) organizations around the world are all dedicated to developing FinTech to lower costs and consistently provide highly efficient services for investors. Through active participation in international workshops, CSDs share their experiences, learn about global trends and explore possibilities for future developments.”

TDCC launched the ePASSBOOK in 2017 and has improved its features and services with the customers’ best interest, by looking from an investor’s point of view and analyzing big data. Investors can not only search market information but also directly connect to TDCC’s e-Voting service. Last year, Bursa Malaysia Depository also released an e-Account APP called Bursa Anywhere, and this year added new features to allow investors to transfer stocks among their own accounts and set up dividend disbursement through the APP. During the global COVID-19 pandemic, ePASSBOOK and Bursa Anywhere are great tools to help investors avoid physical contact while protecting their rights and access to vital investor services.