Shareholder's Meeting E-Votes Reaches New Heights


This year's shareholder's meeting was quite different than in years past. Not only has COVID-19 changed people's day to day lives, it has also sped up the development of a new digital lifestyle. According to TDCC's statistics, of the 1,773 issuing companies that use TDCC's stockvote system, 56% of all votes cast were via E-voting this year. Both E-voting and shares enjoyed a 7% increase over last year, with the total number of E-votes hitting 7.93 million and shares reaching 334.7 billion. 97% of foreign shareholders voted through the electronic voting system, so it is easy to see that the E-voting system has definitely had a positive impact on shareholder meetings.

TDCC Senior Vice President, Ms. Julie Wang, explained that since the launch of the E-voting platform in 2009, as well as in response to the trend towards more Fintech services, TDCC has continued to employ cutting edge technology and offer many new digital services for its clients. This commitment to excellence will continue with the “Big Bright Three” E-Voting ecosystem.

* Globalization

TDCC will continue to monitor international development trends and seek appropriate cooperation opportunities whenever possible, such as cooperating with the world's top 2 E-voting institutions, Broadridge and ISS, to provide more effective cross-border vote processing (STP) services, thus making voting more convenient for foreign shareholders.

* Digitization

The E-voting platform is not limited to computer usage only. API technology means that retail investors are able to simultaneously connect to more than 40 domestic brokerage trading apps, including TDCC's ePassbook app. Investors now have a handy one-stop shop for electronic voting, trading, and asset management. This allows investors to handle all their financial needs in the palm of their hands, including voting. This year, the number of retail investors using APP E-voting hit a high of 52%.

In addition, TDCC, which has a full range of electronic voting pipeline patents and processes, was invited to represent Taiwan at the 2019 eASIA Awards finals in Bangkok, Thailand. We are very proud to have won the gold medal for "Digital Transformation” in the “Public Sector" category. Through our Innovative Application of Electronic Voting and Straight Through Process (STP) Service Project, we showcased Taiwan's capital market digital innovation achievements on an international stage.

* ESG Development

Electronic voting is one of the ways to improve the transparency of shareholder meetings. In addition, TDCC is committed to providing an ever more market-friendly investing environment. As a result, TDCC established a "Investor Relations Platform" (IR platform) to continue promoting "Communication", " Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)", and "International Cooperation" as the main keys for development. The "IR Platform" includes FTSE, MSCI, ISS, Sustainalytics and many other international industry leading rating agencies who will evaluate Taiwanese-listed companies. In addition to providing a reference for issuing companies to review their own ESG performance, starting in Q3 2020 it will also be available to domestic retail investors in order to promote responsible investment as well as enhancing our corporate governance.



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