Dong Gang Senior High School took gold in junior soccer games


Organized by TDCC, the 7th Taiwan Junior Soccer Games took place at Dong Gang Senior High School in Pingtung on November 20 and 21. Employees of the sponsors, namely Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE), Taiwan Futures Exchange (Taifex), Pou Chen Group and TDCC, also travelled from Taipei and Taichung to support the players. After eight intense matches in two days, it was Team Dong Gang Senior High School (junior high school division) who claimed the gold medal. Lai Yi Senior High School (junior high school division) won silver, while Chang Jhih Junior High School and Ma jia Junior High School respectively took the third and fourth places.


TDCC has been proactive in sponsoring sports events in rural areas, and since 2015, it initiated a collective sponsorship with TWSE, Taifex, and Pou Chen Group to financially support the soccer teams of Dong Gang Senior High School (junior high school division), Lai Yi Senior High School (junior high school division), Ma Jia Junior High School, and Chang Jhih Junior High School, respectively. The sponsors hope the students would build confidence and understand the importance of discipline through soccer training, and thus also organize soccer games on an annual basis for the junior athletes to meet new friends and compete against each other.

Sherman Lin, Chairman and CEO of TDCC, the lead organizer of this year’s junior games, said the annual event provided an excellent chance for the athletes to show the results of their training. He urged the players to do their best and that the training they undertook rain or shine over the past year would definitely pay off. Chairman Lin also reminded the players that friendship was a major element of the games, so while they vied for the championship on the field, they should also take the opportunity to make friends with players from other schools.


TWSE President Chien Lih-Chung said he was pleased to see the junior athletes from the four schools engage wholeheartedly in the annual games. Their enthusiasm and efforts, as well as the hard work of the coaches, were truly commendable. Taifex Chairman, Wu Tzu-Hsin, said Taiwanese athletes had made remarkable achievements in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. He hopes that the junior athletes will keep improving their skills and pursue their dreams on the field. Chairman Li Yi-Nan of the Yue Yuen Education Foundation, an associate of the Pou Chen Group, emphasized that the nurturing of a good soccer player required the efforts of the player himself, coaches’ guidance and business sponsorship. The Foundation pledges to continue the sponsorship to contribute to the training and education of sports professionals in Taiwan.

Notably, to fulfill its commitment to philanthropy, TDCC also took the opportunity to make monetary donations to the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Pingtung and Pingtung Xiang Yang Association to help them weather the upcoming winter.

After eight brilliant matches, the 7th Taiwan Junior Soccer Games came to a successful closure. The young athletes learned new skills and tactics, and more importantly made new friends. The 8th games will be organized by TWSE, and hosted by Lai Yi Senior High School. The athletes will surely train hard to compete again next year.