The TDCC Happiness Express Heads to the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families at Miaoli


The Happiness Express of TDCC arrived at Miaoli County in collaboration with the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families as part of their year-end nationwide tour on November 12th. TDCC Chairman, Bing-Huei Lin, led colleagues in a charitable initiative, donating NT$550,000 and participating in the 'Bringing Hope to Young Miaoli, Warming Winter Carnival.' The funds provided essential appliances and daily necessities to families in need, bringing warmth and joy as the year comes to a close.

The Miaoli Taiwan Fund for Children and Families' winter carnival was a lively event, expressing gratitude for long-term support for child welfare. The occasion also recognized outstanding achievements of young people in various fields. Children from the Fund showcased their talents in dance, drumming, flute playing, and a band performance, demonstrating the results of their regular training. The carnival attracted a large crowd, with over a hundred booths participating. TDCC set up a booth to raise awareness about preventing financial fraud. Engaging in fun activities, they reminded the public to stay vigilant against fraudulent schemes.


TDCC Chairman Bing-Huei Lin (left) presents a charitable donation fund to the Miaoli Taiwan Fund for Children and Families. County Magistrate Tung-Chin, Chung (center) witnesses the ceremony, and Ms. Pi-Chu,Tseng (right), Chairperson of the Miaoli Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, accepts the donation.

Chairman Lin emphasized TDCC's commitment to promoting ESG and actively responding to societal needs. Focusing on supporting vulnerable groups and educational initiatives, TDCC has consistently invested resources in academics, talents, and character development. Their efforts aim to enhance the overall educational environment, collaborating with the Miaoli Taiwan Fund for Children and Families to bring warmth and hope to children, fostering a future filled with love.

Maintaining the core philosophy of “altruism and common good,” TDCC actively leverages the capabilities of non-governmental organizations. By injecting resources, they continue to assist local communities in strengthening connections to welfare resources. Encouraging employees to actively participate in various volunteer activities, TDCC aims to spread kindness across Taiwan, multiplying the benefits of compassion.