TDCC and KSD Collaborate for Mutual Exchange, Creating Opportunities for Innovative Development


To deepen bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and Korea and promote innovative business development, Dr. Soonho Lee, Chairman and CEO of the Korea Securities Depository (KSD), led a delegation to visit TDCC on December 8. During the meeting with TDCC Chairman Dr. Bing-Huei Lin, they engaged in thorough discussions on the latest business developments and future plans. The dialogue covered international sustainability trends, technological digital trends, potential market demands, and other aspects, exploring development strategies and opportunities for CSDs in response to the evolving landscape.

Photo TDCC Chairman Dr. Bing-Huei Lin(right)and KSD Chairman and CEO Dr. Soonho Lee(left)

As robust back-end infrastructure for the capital markets in Taiwan and Korea, TDCC and KSD have maintained a close and strong friendship through continuous exchanges. Both institutions serve as members of the Executive Committee of the Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG), with TDCC convening the Investor Services Task Force and KSD convening the New Business Initiative Task Force. In these pivotal roles, they contribute significantly to decision-making processes within the ACG, collectively fostering the prosperous development of the capital market ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.

Chairman Dr. Bing-Huei Lin emphasized TDCC's commitment to advancing business transformation and innovation, actively seeking practical experience through exchanges with foreign CSDs and clearing institutions to stay abreast of industry insights. The visit by the delegation from KSD facilitated a lively interaction, providing a platform to exchange recent business achievements and share visions for future development. This strengthens opportunities for bilateral collaboration. Dr. Soonho Lee expressed that both institutions share a profound partnership and have commonalities in business development and service innovation. He expressed the aspiration to expand diverse collaborations and deepen the friendly ties between the two organizations.

To drive Taiwan's market alignment with international standards, TDCC is dedicated to staying updated on global trends. TDCC actively engages with international CSD industry, sharing successful experiences in innovations such as TDCC ePassbook, Shareholder e-Services, Fund Platforms, Digital Supervision Platforms, and ESG Sustainable Development initiatives. This practical approach aligns with TDCC's vision of innovation, resilience, sustainability, and financial inclusion. The company is dedicated to assisting in the sustainable development of the market, elevating international standing of Taiwan's capital market and global visibility.