Milestone in Open Securities: Securities, Futures, and Investment Trust & Consulting Industries All Fully Online to Provide Services


TDCC is committed to advancing open finance and actively promoting open securities business. By the end of this year, the securities, futures, and investment trust and consulting industries are all fully online to provide services. In collaboration with three third-party service providers (TSP) to offer digital financial services for open securities public data queries, collectively achieving a more open and convenient service ecosystem in the financial market.

The initiative to promote open securities data inquiry is a crucial task under the Financial Supervisory Commission's "Capital Market Roadmap," specifically the fourth strategy - "Boost functions and competitiveness of financial intermediaries." TDCC, at the behest of the Financial Supervisory Commission, led the initiative and collaborated with Taiwan Stock Exchange, Taipei Exchange, Taiwan Futures Exchange, Taiwan Securities Association, Securities Investment Trust & Consulting Association, Futures Association, and Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. to form the "Open Securities Steering Committee" to introduce new services for open securities data inquiry.

Through joint efforts of the committee members and participating industry players, the open securities data inquiry service officially launched in June of this year. Initially, securities firms like Yuanta, MasterLink, E.Sun, SinoPac, Taishin, Mega, Horizon, Fubon, KGI, Hua Nan Yong Chang and Shin Kong, totaling 11 securities firms, progressively opened their services through the“Open API Platform” developed by the Financial Information Service Co., ltd. This involved sharing open information with three TSP companies - Mitake Information, Systex, and SysJust. Subsequently, futures and investment trust industries joined the initiative, with Yuanta Investment Trust and Yuanta Futures being the first to go live by the end of this year, providing investors with more convenient and diverse information inquiry services.

Bing-Huei Lin, Chairman of TDCC, stated that TDCC has been dedicated to promoting innovative financial services for the long term. Chairman Lin expressed gratitude for the guidance from regulatory authorities and the collaboration of securities peripheral institutions, three financial associations, Financial Information Service Co., ltd. and various stakeholders, including securities, futures, investment trust, and consulting firms, as well as TSP companies. He highlighted that this collaboration not only collectively promoted the policy objectives of the Capital Market Roadmap, but also leveraged the service synergies of the information platform. This has strengthened the digital financial information linkage across the securities, futures, investment trust and consulting industries, TSP, and investors, creating a win-win service scenario.

Milestone in Open Securities: Securities, Futures, and Investment Trust & Consulting Industries All Fully Online to Provide Services

Looking ahead, in August of this year, the Financial Supervisory Commission released "Fintech Development Roadmap 2.0," with "Continuing to Promote Open Finance" as a concrete measure. Open securities will transition from the first stage of public data inquiry to deliberating the feasibility of the second stage. TDCC will continue, under regulatory guidance, to analyze market demands and service scenarios for open securities business, ensuring the ongoing enhancement of the service value of "financial inclusion."