Enjoying ETF Income Distributions and Embracing ESG Together, Multiple Benefits with the Grand Launch of eNotice by TDCC


Since June of last year, the Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation (TDCC) has introduced the electronic notification platform for securities affairs, known as eNotice. This platform provides electronic notification services for dividends issued by TWSE/TPEx listed companies, emerging stock companies, and public companies, allowing investors to promptly grasp dividend distribution information. Since its launch, it has received widespread acclaim in the market. In the pursuit of digital innovation, TDCC further plans to expand the electronic notification service for ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) income distribution and is scheduled to go live on March 15th of this year.

According to the Securities Holding Range Table compiled by TDCC, as of mid-February, there are a total of 246 ETFs in the market. Among them, 150 ETF actually distribute dividends, including annual, semi-annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly income distribution products. The total annual income distribution notifications for these ETFs exceed 32 million times. Currently, 17 domestic ETF issuers express strong support, with 8 of them already signing contract with TDCC to use the eNotice service, including Cathay Securities Investment Trust, Fubon Securities Investment Trust, Yuanta Securities Investment Trust, Taishin Securities Investment Trust, CTBC Investment Trust, Sinopac Securities Investment Trust, Shin Kong Investment Trust, and Franklin Templeton SinoAm Securities Investment Trust. Other fund managers also expressed a high willingness to sign up. For instance, the ETF 00878 has the highest number of beneficiaries among funds issued by Cathay Securities Investment Trust —exceeding a million—will benefit from this service. Other ETF issuers will also gradually join ETF eNotice service, and investors who have already applied for eNotice can directly adopt for ETF income distribution electronic notifications without reapplying.

To prepare for the upcoming launch of ETF eNotice and encourage investors to actively apply, TDCC will launch a campaign from March 15th to June 30th. This includes the 'New users Award' and 'Valid users Award,'separately offering weekly and monthly draws for NT$100 and NT$300 convenience store vouchers to new and existing users. Additionally, the 'Achievement Award' will draw a NT$10,000 postal voucher. The total prize amount exceeds NT$6 million, and investors can take advantage of the lottery period to participate.

Chairman Lin of TDCC mentioned that in recent years, TDCC has continuously supported regulatory policies, dedicating efforts to the digitization of capital market services. ETF eNotice is expected to effectively assist fund managers in reducing operational costs, achieving ESG goals, while expanding the scope of digital services. Investors are invited to join in responding to net-zero emissions, promoting the sustainable development of the financial market."