The First Milestone in Transformation to a Data Company:TDCC Provides Financial Sector with Digital Data Services on Fund Clear


TDCC has been dedicated to the fund industry for more than a decade. Facing the constantly changing market, the company has been adhering to the principle of facilitating digital transformation through financial innovation. With this digital mindset, the company puts itself in the customers’ shoes, providing solutions and creating values. To further promote fund industry development, TDCC has cooperated with FundRich and other fund distributors for the first time. Drawing on its solid basis, the long-established fund market back-office system, TDCC has successfully consolidated enormous onshore and offshore fund data through “FundClear.” The company has also offered fund distributors value-added data services through digital connections. This achievement marks a significant step for TDCC towards positioning itself as a “Data Company” in the market.

In the future, fund distributors can use the digital data services provided by TDCC on their own platforms as assistive tools for investors. The data services include monthly statistics on the amount of onshore and offshore fund subscriptions, redemptions, and net redemptions and subscriptions; and month-end statistics on onshore and offshore fund scale and amount held by local investors. In addition, the data can be further analyzed and presented in a more intuitive, visualized, and graphic way, which makes investing more user-friendly and straightforward. Therefore, customer retention will be enhanced, and financial education will be improved through multiple channels.

According to TDCC Chairman & CEO Sherman Lin, TDCC has been dedicated to serving the market for more than ten years, promoting the value of cooperating with the fund industry for common good and prosperity. Following the trend of Fintech development, TDCC has proposed the vision of working as a “Financial Big Data Center,” introducing cutting-edge technology and implementing data integration to generate maximum value of its data application. With the drastic change in the market, TDCC will keep Fintech as a core value. Through crossover, cross-industry, and cross-border cooperation, the company will implement financial value-added data services covering a variety of industries, including the fund industry. The company will work hand in hand with the market to create a win-win situation and help achieve its ideal of financial inclusion for the general public.

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