TDCC’s live streaming platform unveiling the age of digital shareholder meetings


2021 is a year to be remembered in history that an unprecedented number of people passed away due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more have changed their habits by incorporating digital technology to daily life, such as ordering food online and holding online meetings in order to avoid large crowds, to the extent that people are now accustomed to these digital lifestyles, which TDCC sees as an irreversible trend. COVID-19 has also had a profound impact on the securities market. In Taiwan, for instance, the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) announced with the approval of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) that companies that fulfill certain criteria may hold a physical shareholder meeting with the assistance of video live streaming, resulting in the establishment of TDCC’s live streaming platform for shareholder meetings, which will become operational on August 17, turning a new page for the development of shareholder meetings in Taiwan.

Given the policies of competent authorities, TDCC will launch its shareholder meeting live streaming platform to serve a total of seventeen companies between August 17th and 30th, including Ta Ching Securities (6021), Mitake Information (8284), Oriental Securities (000218), Chia Hsin Cement (1103), AUO (2409), Mercuries Life (2867), Makalot Industrial (1477), Jetwell Computer (3147), IISI (6614), Global Lighting Technologies (4935), TaiMed Biologics (4147), Shin Kong Investment Securities (000856), Systex (6214), Taiyen Biotech (1737), Tachan Securities (6020), Shin Shin (2901) and Bull Will (6259), which are all pioneers of digitalization of shareholder meetings in Taiwan.

Shareholders of the seventeen companies who have not voted online or appointed a proxy may register with the platform between August 6th and four days before the shareholder meeting date via (1) TDCC’s ePassbook application; (2) brokerage’s stock trading application; or (3) TDCC’s e-Stockvote website to attend meetings online. Ms. Huang Zhen-zhen, manager of the Issuer Services Department of TDCC said the live streaming platform allows shareholders to participate in meetings online, including watching the proceedings, raising questions and voting online, which is a pioneering work in Taiwan. TDCC aims to provide a safe and convenient user experience that is close to attending meetings in person, marking a major step forward for corporate governance in Taiwan. Registration is still open for most of the aforementioned seventeen companies, so shareholders are encouraged to register via one of the three channels to be part of this historic moment.

For more information about the live streaming platform, please call the Issuer Service Department of TDCC at (02) 2719-5805 ext. 188, 109, 222, 427 and 341.

The website of the live streaming platform for shareholder meetings is https://reurl.cc/ZGEZVp Platform user instruction video is available at https://youtu.be/COI-6TdX3GI