Livestreamed Shareholder Meetings Commence; Three Companies Achieve Success on the First Day


This May, due to the severity of COVID-19, difficulty and uncertainty for public companies to hold shareholder meetings escalated. The FSC therefore mandated TDCC to explore the possibility of setting up a shareholder meeting livestreaming system for both convening and achieving disease prevention. Besides, it is announced that public companies with specific eligibility are required to hold physical shareholder meetings with livestream as a supplement, and the livestream shall be conducted on the platform provided by TDCC.

According to TDCC’s President Han-Chiang Chu, TDCC spent only two months and launched “Shareholder Meeting Live Streaming Platform” under the FSC’s direction. Through one-stop design, the related services reduce the intervals in each meeting procedure. From shareholders’ registration, sign-in, check-in, watching live streams, raising questions online, casting votes, to counting votes, every step is interlinked and consistent with the international mainstream practice.

August 17th was the first day when the livestreamed shareholder meetings started. Three companies adopted this novel practice, including Ta Ching Securities (6021), Mitake Information Corporation (8284), and Oriental Securities Corporation (000218). During the livestream, the connection and video quality were all stable and smooth. Questions from online shareholders were all answered by the chairpersons during the meetings. The first day of the operation was indeed a success. In addition, Chia Hsin Cement Corporation (1103), AU Optronics Corp. (2409), Mercuries Life Insurance (2867) will follow suit and hold their meetings between August 18th and August 20th.

Currently, companies including Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd.(1477), Jetwell (3147), International Integrated Systems, Inc(6614), Global Lighting Technologies Inc.(4935), TaiMed Biologics (4147), Shin Kong International Securities Co., Ltd.(000856), SYSTEX (6214), Taiyen Biotech Co., Ltd. (1737), Tachan (6020), Shin Shin (2901), Bullwill (6259) are still open for online shareholder meeting registration, so shareholders can take advantage of the last chance to participate.

For more information regarding the shareholder meeting live streaming platform, please contact TDCC’s Shareholder Service Department at (02) 2719-5805 ext. 188, 109, 222, 427, 341.

The live Streaming platform for shareholder meetings: https://reurl.cc/ZGEZVp

The live Streaming platform for shareholder meetings tutorial: https://youtu.be/COI-6TdX3GI